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No description

Nico Faustino

on 21 February 2017

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People like to know what’s behind closed doors. We may not like to admit it but given the chance we’d take a peek through the windows of our neighbors, snoop around and find out what they have been hiding.

Bianca King
Actress, TV host, Blogger
Host / Influencer
She has a blog called The Closet Housewife and she says:
“I created this online portal to connect my dear followers to the lifestyle has made me whole. Their curiosity reflected on social media has inspired me to share the tools that have benefitted my own growth. This is my advocacy that comes from the heart.”
Bianca King, a German-Filipina and 31 years old, was once obsessed with the superficiality of body image, her 10-year journey of high-pressure yoyo dieting and exercising for her career in show business, she learned the value of proper nutrition as the key to long-term weight and health management. As she explores her love for food, fitness and film, she would like to be as generous as she can with who she really is through her journey in her self-discovery. She also has her own guilty pleasures that she would like to share to everyone…INDULGENCE TO SATIATE HER APPETITE WITH DECADENT CULINARY CREATIONS…AND OF COURSE…a lot more crazy fun activities.
Combining a deep appreciation of Filipino, Australian and global fashion, Kim Jones is a powerful voice for the local artisans and designers that make Pinoy fashion so compelling, as well as a beacon for the best of international style.

Kim Jones’ reputation as one of the top fashion influencers within South-East Asia has been embraced with a series of partnerships that include creative consultancy, art directing, styling, modelling and ambassadorship roles. To date, she counts MAC Cosmetics, Neutrogena, Havaianas, Reebonz, Asus, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton and more as her clients, her style having also been featured in the likes of Philippine Tatler, L’Officiel Manila, L’Officiel Singapore and The Coveteur.

Kim Jones-Rosales
This show will satisfy that desire and give us that thrill.
Join us as we take a look into the unique possessions and collections of different people as we try to understand the psychology behind their obsessions.
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