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briana and kieshas's preiz

No description

kiesha tate

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of briana and kieshas's preiz

The Suez Canal was built mostly with french money. This is the french company building the Suez Canal It took 11 years to bulid the suez canal,
the suez canal was built to help transport from europe to asia without going through Africa. The building of the Suez Canal Egypt wasnt able to pay
the french back, they owed
$450 million Egypt, British and Israel wanted control over the Suez Canal The Suez Canal Why was the Canal built ? The Suez Canal shortened the distance
traveled to transport goods. The Steamboat transported goods
through the Suez Canal The Suez Canal lead to the Red Sea
and the Mediterranean Sea. Problems The Suez Canal faced Egypt owed money to the French, and were not able to pay it off.
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