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Ali C

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Heart

Heart transplanting
Emma, Kelsey, Gloria and Alison C
What is the heart?
Heart Attack
Waiting for a transplant
Getting on the waiting list
While on the waiting list
Risk of damaged muscle depending on the size of the blocked artery
Issues with compatibility
Chronic rejection
Potentially fatal
How hearts are chosen
Chosen according to
Severity of illness
Blood type
Size of heart
Biological transplants
Tissue Typing
Immunosuppressant drugs
Why immunosupressant drugs?
The importance of taking them daily
The benefits of organ donation
Dr Victor Chang
Benefits to Society
Potential to save lives
Economic growth
Family benefits
Established Australia's National Heart Transplant Program
Played important part in developing the artificial heart valve and the artificial heart
Graduated in 1962 with a Bachelor in Medicine, Bachelor in Sugery
Travelled overseas regularly to extend his skills
During the 1980s he lectured extensively over South-East Asia
Founded the Australasian-China Medical Education and Scientific Research Foundation
Named Australian of the Century in 2000
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Cause and Consequences
Patients need to be examined thoroughly
Medical history, diagnostic test results, social history, psychological evaluation results are examined by a team of medical staff and social workers
Patients must be able to be quickly contacted
Health care team which monitors heart
Friends and family play an important role
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