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MIT Thesis Presentation Final

Joe Bush

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of VISTI 2

Visual Interest through Stylistic Interpretation A project in lieu of thesis by Joe Bush Introduction The paradox of culture and games Polularity Strength The Artist How Do i emphasize the
magical nature of a scene?* The Example:
Magical Scenes Magic Imprisonment Themes Fantasy Medieval Push the theme Let the theme permeate
every aspect of the project Theme Level Design Asset Design Art Style Sound Design Color Palette Methodology participants and Setting Product Schedule Data Literature + Field Review Progression Realism, Imagination, and Narrative Video Games Visual component of the game "contributes to a feeling of realism."
"Abstract context" is also important to that feeling of realism. Immsersion, Engagement, and Presence Immersion is achieved by 3 conditions:
User's Experience matches environment's conventions
User must have non-trivial impact on the environment
Conventions of the game environment must be internally consistent Ultima Online Diablo World of Warcraft Avatar Locations Equipment The Guildhall at SMU Plano Campus My own studio Dell Laptop
Razer Mouse
Wacom Cintiq
Seagate 1.5TB backup drive

Unity game engine
Adobe Photoshop
3dStudio Max
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel The Dungeon Scene Two Scenes The Oubliette Scene Strict Realism
Historical Torture Implements Stylistic Treament of Assets
Magical glyphs
Crystal devices
Complex magical wards Preproduction: October 29, 2009 - January 18, 2010
First Build and Feedback: January 18 - February 1
Second Build and Feedback: February 1 - 20
Third Build and Feedback: February 20 - March 6
Final Build and Feedback: March 6 - March 20
Postproduction and Documentation: March 22 - April 19
Defense: April 28 Lets See those builds. Ideas That was the... Build 0.3: Whitebox Build 1.0: Texture Build 2.0: Grime Build 3.0, 4.0: Polish Conclusion I want you to think about How realism is a sliding scale. It is not a binary concept Where the game sits on that scale is an important decision. But either way, the artist can always help by: Pushing the theme. Thank You. This is where we're headed. "HOLY CRAP!
THAT WAS AMAZING!!!" "I've never seen THAT before!" "Meh. This is so last year." "Yawn. That was boring." My Job is to blow your mind. But How?
And in this case... First Off... This is a Journal.
I'm not trying to PROVE a thesis by any means.
I'm exploring concepts and annotating my thoughts on the matter. Thanks for Coming! *It's a huge topic. I had to narrow it down to something I could experiment with.
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