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Clock of the Eras

bert hart

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Amy+Tristan+Isaac

The Paleozoic The Azoic Era Era The Cenozoic Era The Mesozoic Era The first life on Earth was not on land it was under water. Then Terror of the Seas and finally the first life on land were plants. Now finally mammals with fur and warm blood can walk on the Earth and birds with feathers can fill the air with their songs. Mammals can have birth to their young and munch on the Modern grasses. The Neozoic Era Finally human footsteps will be felt on the Earth. All of our humans are here cave peaple, farmers, earliest cities, Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages
the Renaissance and Modern Man. The Archaeozoic Era Huge dinosours will stalk on the land and haunt the oceans as well. The first few flowers will open and insects will buzz about them. First there is no life on Earth. There may be huge lakes of molten lava or The Proterozoic Era magma on the surface. There is still no sign of life on the Earth, opportunity for life does exist. Gradually ,the energy of the primitive Earth and it's raw materials generated the things that created life. How Life Began From a minute, a celled blobs, they developed into highly specialized animals. Eventually, they developed into jellyfish, worms and coral. By Amy+Tristan+Isaac The End
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