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Paragraph Structure

No description

Leslee Nakasuji

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Paragraph Structure

Paragraph Structure

Topic Sentence
states the main idea
topic and the controlling idea
What is the TOPIC? What is the CONTROLLING IDEA?
1. Driving on freeways requires skill and alertness.

2. Registering for college classes can be a frustrating experience for new students.

3. The rise of indie films is due to several factors.
Too General, Too Specific, Just Right
The Arabic origin of many English words is not always obvious.
Supporting Sentences
develop the topic sentence
explain/prove/give more information about the topic sentence
Concluding Sentence
signals the end of the paragraph
restates the the main idea
leaves the reader with a final thought
Where Should Your Topic Sentence Be?
usually the first sentence in a paragraph
seasoned writers can put topic sentences in other places---like the END
Synonyms, words that have the same basic meaning, do not always have the same emotional meaning. For example, the words stingy and frugal both mean "careful with money." However, calling someone stingy is an insult, but calling someone frugal is a compliment. Similarly, a person wants to be slender bu not skinny, aggressive but not pushy. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing words because many so-called synonyms are not really synonymous at all.
By the year 2014, a vaccine against the common cold will have been discovered, by 2015, parents will be able to create designer children. Genetic therapy will be able to manipulate genes for abilities, intelligence, and hair, eye, and skin color. By 2020, most diseases will be able to be diagnosed and treated at home, and by 2030, cancer and heart disease will have been wiped out. These are just a few examples of the medical miracles that are expected in the next few decades.
The slang expression
so long (meaning "good-bye") is probably a corruption of the Arabic
English has been influenced by other languages.
What do you think?
a. A lunar eclipse is an omen of a coming disaster.
b. Superstitions have been around forever.
c. People hold many superstitious beliefs about the moon.
d. Is made of green cheese.
too specific
too general
best topic sentence
All right, Goldilocks...
a. The history of astronomy is interesting.

b. Ice age people recorded the appearance of new moons by making scratches in animal bones.

c. For example, Stonehenge in Britain, built 3500 years ago to track the movement of the sun.

d. Ancient people observed and recorded lunar and solar events in different ways.
too general
too specific
best topic sentence
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