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Copy of Romance Office

No description

Mahpar Sultana

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Romance Office

What is an office romance?
The work commitment between part-time and full-time workers
Research Questions:
Are part-time workers as committed toward their workplace as full time workers ?

What would be the main factors that would commit a worker ?

Does the amount of time spent working for the same company affect the level of commitment ?
Question 1: The different type of commitment (Mayer & Allen analysis)

Question 2: Is there a main element that would commit a worker (Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Alderfer's models)

Question 3: Does the amount of time spent working for a company has a positive or negative impact on commitment

Why this topic ?
Since 1992:
UK part-time employment +34.5 %
France Part-time employment +7 %
Economic cycles downturn or upturn
International competition
Companies are considering more and more the employment of part time workers in order to have the capacity to adjust rapidly their workforce costs to economic cycles.
What about the commitment regarding this workforce ?
Weighman underline there is a direct relationship between commitment, motivation and performance.

Starvoice employee survey:
Relationship between employee commitment and financial results.
Hotels with highest commitment index are hotels with highest profits
Litterature review
Darg Ingvar Jacobsen:
Affective commitment (you like the company)

Behavioural commitment (Leaving company has a cost)

Value commitment
- Normative commitment (socialization process made by the company)
- Instrumental commitment (sense of obligation toward the company)
John & Natalie: best commitment is the affective one
The employee work in the company because he simply want to... No coercive factors
Conducted a survey to determine the main factors that will influence employee commitment

- The level of pay
- The accuracy of merit rating
- Fairness of promotion


Committed employees will protect the company assets and shares its goals
The psychological contract:
Hills: "a set of unwritten reciprocal obligations that exists between workers and employers"
Effective psychological contract
fair conditions
job security
fair treatment
Hard work
David and Neil:
"Part-timers are less committed because their are not
fairly rewarded for the effort they put in the job"
Time spent in the company and commitment:

100 %
John and Natalie survey:

Compared the evolution between affective commitment and continuance (time-spent) commitment

After 10 weeks...
Part-timers have decrease in affective and increase in continuance while it is the opposite for full-timers.
Judith Tansky & Daniel Gallager
Job characteristics and commitment
Factors that are likely to increase motivation levels
Steers & Porters: self-actualisation, physiological, safety, Esteem, social.

Feldman & Doerpinghaus: 82 % PTW are comparing with other PTW but... Eberhadt & Moser --> Half of permanant PTW are using FTW as frame of reference.

Tansky, Gallagher & Wetzel: introduction of the concept of "relative equity".

The literature is making a distinction between:
- PTW that just want PT jobs
-PTW that want in the end a full time position (Peter preference)
- Quick and inexpensive
- Cover an important number of people
- Anonymous and fast

Interviews are interesting because can control and provide help to respondant.
Are part-time workers committed toward their workplace as full-time workers ?
What would be the main factors that would commit a worker ?
Does the amount of time spent working for the same company affect the level of commitment ?
1. PTW suffers from a difference of treatment and this is why they are not committed in the same proportion.

2. Contradiction regarding Storey and Peter

3. Supportive regarding Pilbeam.

4. The 2 groups would accept pay cuts... which can reveal an important part of commitment...
1. The level of pay is the top motivator.
Supportive regarding Peter's theory.

2. Contradiction regarding Martin and Nicholls theory

3. Recognition from the management has an important impact

4. Job satisfaction is highly rated. Supportive regarding Alderfer researches.
1. Contradiction regarding John, Natalie and Martin, Nicholls claiming that commitment increases over time.

2. Optimum point of commitment. Not exceed 26 weeks but keep the employee for 10 weeks to reach the peak level.

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