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Cedar Creek Church 2017

No description

on 2 March 2018

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Transcript of Cedar Creek Church 2017

The Premium Breakdown
Can Toledo stay in the Top 25?
Holy Toledo...
Whats my cost?
Regional Basketball
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Benefit Components
CedarCreek Church
Renewal Date: April 1st

Presented by:
2017 Employee Benefit Meeting
Health Insurance Renewal
Dental and Vision
Group Life Insurance
Voluntary Term Life
Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability

Voluntary Short Term Disability and
Voluntary Term Life Insurance
Life and Disability
UHC Online Access
Voluntary Benefits
Open Enrollment
Company Policy
How to determine your eligibility...
How the
CedarCreek Church
Benefit Components

The Qualified High Deductible Plan makes you eligible to open an Health Savings Account.
An HSA is an IRS regulated
TAX FREE bank account
Money is deposited to spend only
on qualified medical expenses
like dental, vision, or pharmacy expenses
An HSA creates a financial incentive
to spend dollars wisely, because
unspent dollars accumulate tax-free
in the employees own personal account
The HSA bank account belongs to the employee and remains the property of the employee if he/she leaves the employer
You are not eligible to make deposits to the tax free HSA bank account if:
you have any other non-HSA health insurance in force
you are enrolled in a Medicare Plan or
You have access to VA Benefits (TRICARE)
HSA Rules
2017 HSA Account Contribution Maximums:
$3,400 for single coverage election
$6,750 for employee / spouse, employee / child(ren) or family
$1,000 catch up coverage provision for individuals 55 or older
NOTE: These max amounts include the CedarCreek contributions of $1,500 Individual / $3,000 Family
The individual mandate requires all individuals to obtain acceptable health insurance for themselves and their family or pay a penalty or tax
Dental Coverage
Preventative - 100% Coverage - Exam and Cleaning every 6 months - X-Rays, Fluoride, Sealants
Deductible - $50 Single /$150 Family
Basic - 20% Coinsurance - fillings, extractions, oral surgery, endo & periodontal care
Major - 50% Coinsurance - crowns, bridges, dentures
$1,500 Benefit Max per covered family member
Orthodontics - $1,500 Lifetime Maximum per dependent (to age 19)
Vision Coverage
The benefits include:
Annual Eye Exam - $10 Co-Pay
Annual Lenses - $25 Co-Pay
Frames (per 24 months) - $25 Co-Pay
$150 allowance towards any frame
Contacts - Medically Necessary - $0 Copay
Contacts - Elective - $150 Allowance
Annual Contact Lenses
Medically Necessary - $25 Copay
Elective - Up to 4 boxes
Save on your prescriptions
with low cost generic programs
via Target, Costco, Walmart or Kroger.
In some cases generic prescriptions
can be purchased as low as $4 for 30 days
or $10 for 90 day supply.

CedarCreek will contribute $1,500 Individual / $3,000 Family annually to your HSA account
If an employee contributes additional money above the employer contribution, CedarCreek will match up to $500 for Individual or $1,000 for Family.
Voluntary Offerings
2 Voluntary options are available. You may elect any one or a combination of these benefits:

Critical Illness
If you sustain a change in your family status and you have a Qualifying Event,
'you must submit your changes to HR within 30 days of the qualifying event'
If you choose to not enroll at your date of hire, or during open enrollment you will not be able to enroll unless you have a Qualifying Event.
A Qualifying Event can be:
Birth of a child
Loss of Coverage
Open Enrollment
Our open enrollment time period is the month of March
If you or your dependents currently do not participate in the health, dental, vision, and voluntary plans, now is the time to enroll in these benefits or make any changes
Medical Cost
Dental Cost
Vision Cost
Limited FSA Annual Maximum: $2,500 with $500 rollover
Dependent Care Maximum: $2,500 Single / $5,000 Family
Spousal Waiver Policy
If your spouse is eligible for group health insurance through his or her own employer, then they will not be eligible to obtain coverage under the Checker Distributors plan
Bio Marker Screenings
Annual health screenings for biomarkers can be completed to earn premium credits on the medical insurance
Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol, Body Mass Index, Glucose must fall within the Checker wellness targets
If each screening falls within the targets, you can earn $10 PER PAY for each test you pass
Screenings are held every July and credits are applied the following January
An annual spousal waiver form must be completed.
If your spouse is employed and does not have coverage offered to them, a sign-off form MUST be received by that employer to add your spouse onto the Checker plan.

Original birth and adoption certificates, and marriage certificates must be provided in order for us to verify coverage
Benefit News
Critical Illness and Accident
Voluntary Short Term Disability
Elimination Period is 7 days for an accident or sickness
Benefit Period is 13 weeks
Pays weekly benefits for disabilities resulting from accident or sickness
Your benefit amount is 60% of your weekly earnings
3/6 Month Pre-existing for new hires and during OE
Coverage is portable
Benefit Amount: 60% of monthly earnings to a maximum of $6,000
Elimination Period: 90 Days
Benefit Duration: Social Security Retirement Age
Voluntary Life Insurance
Critical Illness
Available to Employee, Spouse, and Children
Benefit Amount: Tax Free Lump Sum of $10,000
Covered Illnesses: Heart attack, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, End Stage Renal (Kidney) Failure, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, and Cancer
Accident Policy
Available to Employee, Spouse, Children
Pays a designated lump sum benefit based on the type of injury sustained and treatment needed.
Covered injuries include broken bones, cuts, burns, ER visit, physicians treatments, and hospital stays
Cedar Creek will continue
to cover our employees coverage at 100%.

Voluntary Coverage is the responsibility of the employee.
Voluntary Short Term Disability and Voluntary Life/Dependent Life

CedarCreek Church
HSA Contributions
HealthCare Reform
2017 Penalty/Tax is $720 or 2.8% of income - whichever is greater of the two
Life Insurance
Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability
Benefit Amount: 60% of weekly earnings to a maximum benefit of $750
Elimination Period: 0 Day Injury / 7 Day Sickness
Benefit Duration: 13 Weeks
Maternity is included in this benefit
Available to Employee, Spouse, and Children
Benefit Amount: Can be purchased in $10,000 increments
Maximum: 5x Annual Salary or $500,000
Employee Guarantee issue amount: $70,000
Spouse Guarantee issue amount: $25,000
Children amount: $10,000
HSA Regulations
Our plan is a qualified high deductible health plan, which makes you eligible to open a health savings account. An HSA is an IRS regulated tax free bank account.
Health Insurance - On the Rise
Spousal Waiver Policy
An employee's spouse who is eligible for group health insurance through his or her own employer should be enrolled in their own employers group health plan.
What is the Annual Cost of the CedarCreek Health Insurance Plan?
Single Plan - $6,215
Family Plan - $16,809
CedarCreek Church provides a $30,000 Life and AD&D benefit at "NO COST TO YOU"
Through payroll you can deposit dollars into these accounts pre-tax. The HSA allows you to spend these monies on qualified medical expenses such as medical, dental, and vision care, as well as other over the counter medical related items. The HSA account belongs to you, the employee.
What is the National Percentage of Employee Cost Share (the amount deducted from Employee's Paycheck):

National Average for Employee Cost Share
13% for single or $32 per paycheck
31% for family or $202 per paycheck
CedarCreek - NO COST to Employee!
What is the National Average Annual Cost for a Similar Health Insurance Plan?
Single Plan - $4,428
Family Plan - $13,284
Average Benefit for an individual on Maternity Leave
six weeks Normal Delivery
eight weeks for Cesarean Section
12 weeks for FLMA - without pay
Cedar Creek will allow a spouse to be enrolled if they choose not to enroll in their employers plan, however, the employee will be responsible for 100% of the spousal portion of the premium. Bi-Weekly Cost - $180
If an employee reaches their maximum deductible of $3,000 individual / $6,000 Family, they can apply for a "Deductible Hardship Grant". CedarCreek will review each case and consider whether to grant an additional $500 into their HSA Account.
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