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Should Illegal Immigrants be made legal US citizens?

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shannon sheehan

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of Should Illegal Immigrants be made legal US citizens?

Shannon Sheehan
Illegal Immigration
For years American's have been debating whether or not illegal immigrants should be made legal US citizens.
The fight continues, and it is still a hot topic issue.
Both people that are for and against this have valid points
Will we ever come to an agreement???
Making Illegal immigrants citzens
Those that are against making illegal immigrants citizens argue;
Immigrants harm the economy more than they help
Immigrants take advantage of public services such as welfare and unemployment and are therefore a burden
Immigrants do not take pride in this country, but instead continue to speak their native language, partake in native traditions, and expect American's to cater to them.
AGAINST making illegal immigrants US citizens

Where are these Immigrants coming from?
Should Illegal Immigrants be made legal US citizens?
Those that are FOR making illegal immigrants US citizens argue that
America was founded on immigrants and equal opportunities for all
Immigrants are hard workers and help the economy
We make it too hard to become a citizen, enabling illegal immigration.
Pros of immigration

It helps the economy by filling low wage jobs
It provides a better life to families that enter the country illegally
It creates a pool of consumers for a variety of goods and services
farmers are able to plant and produce less expensively
illegal residents pay sales and property taxes
Cons of Immigration
Burden on tax-based resources
Difficult prosecution when offenders flee the country
Disparity on legal immigrants who follow the rules and those who don't
Continued growth of demand for low wage jobs
Millions of US dollars sent outside the country
Potential health risks- unvaccinated
Over crowded public schools and financial burden

In a survey of 10 questions, interviewing about 18 random people; I found-

making illegal immigrants legal citizens
people were
making illegal immigrants legal US citizens
people were

My findings...
agree with the current process
of becoming a US citizen
people think it is
too easy to become a citizen
people think it is
too difficult to become a citizen
My findings....
-Most people admit they only know
"a fair amount"
about illegal immigration
-They get most of their immigration information from
TV, internet, and the paper
-They think immigration

the economy more than it helps
-They believe
should be decided on
a case to case basis
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