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Curriculum Vitae

This is another way of reading my cv. Hope you enjoy!

Julieta Filomena

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae

Some of my tasks... above all: an Architect! Actitud Creativa Limbus muuf I met limbus by chance!
Without knowing what a wonderful professional experience this would be! April 2011 – October 2012
www.limbus-go.es Julieta Filomena Coordinated 16 online projects
6 companies, 3 foundations, 4 artists, 3 personal brands
And managed a team of 8 creative freelance professionals. I launched my own start-up: muuf which sounds like "move!" because I believed -even during the economic crisis in Spain- I could do something valuable for small businesses as an external communication, creativity & marketing department At muuf we enable start-up companies from all sectors to grow with passion, transparency and creativity. Our multidisciplinary team provides social marketing development, event organization, web,apps & blog design, company identity and above all: we realize ideas! What do we do? July 2012 – January 2013 www.actitudcreativa.es In Actitud Creativa my tasks were really challening...
LatAm market expansion
Communication, events and social networks
Expanded the work team
and offered solutions to internal issues with a creative and innovative look. Architect & Entrepreneur Resources December 2009 - December 2010
Architecture Office Estudio Argensola
www.estudioargensola.com As a Project Architect let's go back! as Associate consultant as Founder & Project Manager as Associate consultant Operational organization
Conception and logistics for events
social media & communication
Graphic design
Branding consultant What was limbus about?
Coaching, Innovation & Creativity in company. What was Actitud Creativa about? Training
& Innovation labs!
In Company & open workshops from Assitant to Project Architect (or the other way 'round) I had the honour and pleasure to be part of a very creative team.
Great fun while having to work hard to solve design problems! The Spanish Embassy in Amman, Jordan. (Under construction) Base design and working project
International competition projects (like the 1st award “Welcome in Hotel” Italy)
Design and implementation of electrical /sanitation / HVAC systems; security plans, structural approaches /Budgets & estimates, document editing and writing...
Team management and coordination with external collaborators. January 2011 to April 2011
Architecture Office AbOvo Projects &
ideas development June 2006 - October 2007
Architecture Office Hogarte Arquitectos This was my 1st job as an assistant architect!

We worked on:
Residential & housing projects Base design and working project
Structural plans and approaches
Budgets & estimates
Document edition & writing I believe every WORK I have done
(from retail seller, volunteer with kids and ONGs, to creative consultant and over all as an architect)
gave me the TOOLS to become a
CHALLENGES So I said to myself:
Why not try all this .... ?
BUT IN CANADA ;-) ! julifilomena@gmail.com
skype julieta.filomena
twitter @julifilomena Thanks for your time !
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it! ...and I love taking risks!
I am an alpine climber! GO
AHEAD! June 2012 - today
www.muufblog.wordpress.com Fundación Cadete / Foundation
Humanitud / company
Wikidiseño / wiki
PazBanciella / artist
Namaste Tina / i-book ...and much more!

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