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Stephanie Chuang

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Taiwan

Where People Live
Population Density
Formula for population density (per km²) = 23,340,136 ÷ 36,193km² =
644 people/km²
Population density is
644 people/km².
How population density affects Taiwan
The people in Taiwan are greatly affected by their population density because Taiwan is a small country and 67 percent of Taiwan is covered in moutains. Furthermore, it has a big population of 23,340,136. Therefore, Taiwan is really cramped and it is hard to get around.
Population Pyramid
Is Taiwan a developed or developing country
Taiwan has already passed into the category of being a developed nation. It has all the modern infrastructures that people look for when calling a place a developed nation. However, it is still constantly developing and getting better with each passing decade.
Literacy Rate
The Literacy rate (percent of population that can read and write) in Taiwan is 96.1 percent.
How People Live
Unemployment rate
The unemployment rate in Taiwan is 4.4%
How People Use the

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Population Distribution
How/why people are distributed to Taiwan
Seventy percent of the population
lives in urban areas, which leaves a
great deal of space in the
mountain and rural areas.
Decreasing population: death rate > birth rate
Natural Increase: 8.97(death rate) - 6.87(birth rate) = 2.10

Taiwan has a decreasing population because some people can't afford to raise a child and they don't have time to take care of one.
Taiwan's population is very dense because
of the mountain range that covers
most of the island.
Kee Lung (Clustered)
Patterns of
Yi Lan (Scattered)
Taipei City (Linear)
Life Expectancy
Women: 81.4 years
Average: 76 years
Men: 75.5 years
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Taiwan is a primary, secondary, and tertiary industry because it has a lot of agriculture and farming areas, they also have a lot of factories and industries that made Taiwan more advanced in technology, and there are people who educates and provide good services, such as doctors, plastic surgeons, teachers, etc. With these industries it had made Taiwan a more developed country
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
Land Uses In Taiwan
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