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H&M - Legal Counsel

No description

Daniel Bang

on 16 August 2018

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Transcript of H&M - Legal Counsel

Meet Daniel. He liked to daydream about how to help and advice H&M on legal matters, and help H&M achieve its goal of being the #1 global online fashion destination and the most loved fashion brand in the world.
This cover letter is meant to be a fun and alternative method to get to know who I am, my passion for, International Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, Compliance, Data Privacy, Marketing, helping the business, and why I am the perfect fit for H&M!
The story of H&M's new Legal Counsel
Licensed attorney in the State of New York.
Common law experience.
Experience with EU & U.S. Capital Market Regulation, including New York Stock Exchange.
Member of the committee for Business Law, New York State Bar Association.
Member of the committee for Security Regulation, New York Bar Association.
Teaching International Private Law at Copenhagen Business School.
International experience from working in both the United States and Denmark.
Experience with cross-border issues.
Experience in communicating with U.S Agencies.
Experience in solving legal and risk issues.
Experience in advising and helping colleagues, including non-legal staff.
U.S. Law degree and Danish Law degree.
LL.M. in International Business Law.

Relevant Experience
Daniel´s philosophy to success in solving legal issues is to listen constructively to the needs of the business, engage in a constructive conversation and understand how to help the business, and try to find a valid solution.
In order to be successful as a Legal Counsel
Why H&M?
There are few things better than the opportunity to work in an environment where you combine what you´re most passionate about in life with a company who shares the same view as you concerning innovation, quality, open-minded customer care, integrity, smarter execution, and a winning mentality to constant drive for excellence.
Why should we hire this guy?
Daniel´s international background has provided him with the ability to understand the business arena through a global perspective. For example, Daniel has a unique knowledge of how international transactions are conducted in the United States and Europe. Therefore, Daniel can assist H&M with complex international regulatory issues.

Daniel has a firm grasp on the inner workings of effective compliance and legal strategies through his ability to accurately evaluate client needs and oversee compliance initiative program, which is implemented with strong attention to detail- reporting successes and recommending adjustments in an effort to ensure the highest level of ethical standards and compliance.

Daniel has a unique knowledge and passion for international contact issues. For example, Daniel has published an article concerning enforceability of alternative dispute resolution agreements.

Daniel is teaching International Private Law with an emphasis on choice of court agreements and alternative dispute resolution at Copenhagen Business School. Consequently, Daniel is able to explain complex international legal issues in a matter understandable to individuals, without legal background.

Daniel has the ability to work independently and managing multiple task at the same time, while meeting internal deadlines. For example, Daniel was part of the GDPR implementation team in Danske Bank, where he managed to meet the compliance deadline, setup controls, while aligning multiple branches.

Daniel is a former professional basketball player, therefore, I will bring core values, such as, a winning mentality, solution-oriented, team player, discipline, a sense of responsibility, and pride in my work to H&M.
Although Daniel wrote his entire cover letter in the third person past-tense, he is very much in first-person and present in every commitment he undertakes.
Thank you for your consideration

Now lets get in touch!
Daniel differentiates from other candidates by his ability to think out-side the box and his philosophy that the most effective way to successfully implement a compliance program or solve a legal issue is a two way conversation. Success is determined by the ability to understand the need of compliance, along with the client, to build a platform that will work effectively in a global world and use compliance as an business enabler.
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