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Preparing Students for College & Careers

The Need to Implement More Programs to Prepare Students for the Future

Abby Vetter

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Preparing Students for College & Careers

College & Careers Implementation of Programs to Prepare Students for Kinsey Dobbelaere
Mark Holtsberry
Abby Vetter The Need Prepare for Future Not Tests Global Competition
PROBLEMS Miss the bigger picture Lack of Communication Skills Helicopter Parents Mission
Vision A school's purpose and focus Teacher & Students ...and the opposite Mission Statement: to graduate responsible, productive citizens.

Vision: We believe that the school must create a prescriptive academic environment in order to truly facilitate success for all students.
-Garrett HS
We believe schools must prepare each student to become a mature, responsible, productive member of society. Therefore, the school must provide the opportunity for each student to develop mentally and physically to their full potential…This curriculum is the greatest gift we can give to our children and in turn they will be rewarding us by being the community leaders of tomorrow.
-Philosophy of Swanton Local Schools
Defiance College Mission:
Defiance is a college where students learn to lead and serve in a democracy; learn to understand, appreciate, and have the skills to interact with other cultures; and learn to not only receive knowledge but to make their own knowledge by engaging in interactive experiences.Building on a strong foundation of more than a century of educating citizens for lives of service and leadership, Defiance College has set forth to fulfill a vision that will enable its students to make a meaningful impact in a 21st century society. LEARNING Lifetime of Get Everyone Involved &
On Same Page

Continue to Change with
the times
Common Obstacles:
Not prepared

Unrealistic Expectations Plan Earlier Track Interests
Work with Advisors
Encourage to Explore Search for potential Majors
Learn Description and Skills of Certain Jobs
Learn Expectations of Students and of Particular Career
Offer College Prep programs instead of Study Halls
Encourage Students to Discuss Future Planning with Parents Summer College Camp Free to socioeconomically disadvantaged students

Recruit local college reps to attend a day

Have financial aid counselors on hand for students to talk with

Use a week - long combination of academics woven into fun
activities to help students explore interests

Make sure students have an abundance of resources and tools needed to plan for their education; websites, reading materials, tutoring, tests dates, and scholarship information
Summer College Camp (Dougherty & Zavadsky, 2008)
JOB SHADOWING Does it really work?

Yes, employers enjoy talking about their jobs and career fields

Flattered that they were asked for their advice

Like to assist with student career choices

They have experience to share Finding Potential Contacts Contact family and friends
Contact chamber of commerce
Economic development agencies
Check yellow pages-internet
Business review section in newspaper
Student Involvement
Ask questions

Picking the right program

Be polite and interested

Be respectful and courteous

What do you expect to learn? Assessment
Thank the person for their time

Write a thank-you note to that person (to be used in English)

Follow up for a possible job – summer or part-time
Cross curriculum/Job shadowing/Interviewing process
Focus to be used within 2 different class departments. Examples: English Math

Program designed to help student to become more prepared for college or job interviewing

The need is preparedness, students lack the skills needed for everyday communications
Ideas on Areas for Preparation
Eye to eye contact

Proper English

Appropriate dress appearance

Proper handshake when introduced

The do’s and don’ts in an interview (chewing gum, slumping in chair, etc.)
How Do We Get To This Stage?
1. Working with business leaders on proper techniques on interviewing

Role playing
2. Staging of mock-interviews or business meetings
3. College interview

4. Judging by peers or teachers from the English and Math departments
References Dougherty, C. (2008). Giving All Students the Keys to College and Skilled Careers: One District's Approach. Education Digest, 73(7), 31-36.

Flynt, E., and W. Brozo (2010). Visual literacy and the content classroom: A question of now, not when. The Reading Teacher, 63(6), 526-528.

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