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BC-Alta Development

Final Design Presentation

Eric Gaspard

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of BC-Alta Development

General Description
Sewer Servicing Design
Provide an efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective sewer system for the 21 residential lots.
Greenspace Design
Access Road Design
Provide safe access to site from Veterans' Memorial Parkway (VMP)
Not impede through traffic on VMP
BC-Alta Development
Providing design briefs for:
J.E. Anderson & Associates
Group: 39
Jason Adam
Max Flynn
Eric Gaspard
Matt Lindsay

Access Roads
Sewer Servicing
Green Space
Final Design
Final Design Cont'd
Physical site conditions
City of Colwood Engineering Standards and Specifications
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Final Design
Final Design Cont'd
Final Design
Final Design Cont'd
21 fully serviced commercial and residential lots in Colwood, BC
7.6 ha
VMP traffic flow conditions
Predetermined access road locations
Corridor physical constraints
Number of Manholes: 7
Max Loading: 4 lps
Pipe Capacity: 94 lps
Total Greenspace: 3.5 ha
Park Greenspace: 1.9 ha
Wetland area in proposed park
Adjacent to Havenwood Park
Trails must connect to Havenwood Park trail system
Hiking park for passive use
All features are to match Havenwood Park
Promote social interaction between users and sustainable use.
2" x 10" deck at 16" O/C
Deck Dimensions: 12' x 16'
Pressure treated wood
Load Capacity: 6.37 kPa
Paved Surface - 50mm asphalt
Base - 100mm crushed gravel
Sub-Base - 250mm pitrun
Urban low volume 20m right of way
Gravity Sewer Main
Proposed Viewing Platform
Add one major trail, between Resolution Way and existing Havenwood Park trails
Trail surface to be min. 150 mm compacted aggregate, 2.5 m in width
Viewing platform at south end of wetland
Total Length: 773m
Pipe Size: 200mm
Pipe Length: 1.5m-6.1m
Number of Pipes: 156
Sight Distance Summary
Grubbing & Blasting Plan
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