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Research Proposal presentation

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Roengchai Ratchapol

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of Research Proposal presentation

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Roengchai Ratchapol 543290011-7

Research Proposal
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction
CHAPTER 1 : Introduction
CHAPTER 2 : Literature Review
CHAPTER 3 : Methodology
CHAPTER 4 : Results
Definition of terms:

A rolled crepe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour.
Common savory fillings for rolled crepes served for snack; sausage, ham, eggs, and various meat products.
Common Sweet rolled crepes fillings: sugar, custard crème, and egg, stream custard.

is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation.
Knowledge that you get from doing, seeing, or feeling things.
What are the factors influences Thai people on buying intentions on Japanese rolled crepe?
Food type, food quality, value for money, image and atmosphere, location, speed of service, recommended, new experience, opening hours, and facilities for children.

Image and atmosphere were found to be the most critical factors in the final choice between restaurants, which were similar, and food quality and food type were the most important variables of restaurant choice.
Source: (Auty .1992)
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Chapter 2: Literature Review

Occupations of customers who were interviewed in survey are also factor that can indicate their making decision such as business, commerce, and finance respondents make their final shop choice based on: prestige, location, quality of food; and speed of service. Table 1
Chapter 3: Methodology
Procedure of data collection and Study Area:

This study wil be conducts in Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand.
The questionnaires will be mall-intercept interviews in the surrounding area that shop will be located.
We will break in to group of gender and age. (male and female, age: 15-20, 20-25)

Using touch-pad:
Advantage: The touch-pad will automaticyly collect the information inot the database.
Disadvantage: Can only use 1 person at a time, take time.
Chapter 3: Methodology
Source: (Author, 2013)
Chapter 3: Methodology
Data Analysis:

Informations will be entry into Micosolf Access.
Use Micosolf Excell to calculate and analysis the data into percentage, average and chart.
Informations can use in any programs of Microsoft office package
Information will be present in Micosolfe Excel and Access.
Resource Requirement and Budget:
Researcher assistant 4 people
Paper 1 pack
100 KKUIC pens
Touch-pad (Buy one and borrow three)
Transportation to go the Bangkok
Places the stay in while the researchers are doing the research in Bangkok.

approximate 50,300 Baht
Limitation of the Studies:

Accessibility to the answer
Limitation of time
Limitation of budgets
Cannot represent the whole population of Thailand.
Chapter 4: Results
Expected Results:

The customers positively satisfy with the quality and taste of the organization products.
The customers will recommend the products to others.
Company is able to know who customers are and what customers look like.
Company is able to adapt its products to match to customer’s need.
Company can draw a business plan for future by looking at the potential of market
To get example of survey for future survey of company when company want to expand a new branch in new location in Thailand.
Future Studies:

This study has limitation only in Siam Center, Bangkok, Thailand.
This study cannot assure that the result researchers get will be the same to other city in Thailand.
Same study can be conducts again in Siam square, Bangkok, Thailand.
As trend and consumer behavior is variable, so to conducts future study the researchers might get differences and more effective information than the present research.
4 sources related to topic:

Auty, S. (1992), “Consumer choice and segmentation in the restaurant industry”, The Service Industries Journal, Vol. 12 No. 3, pp. 8, 324-39.
Definition of terms, 2013, retrieved January 4, 2013 from

Jaksa Jack Kivela, (1997),"Restaurant marketing: selection and segmentation in Hong ",International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 9 Issue: 3 pp. 116 – 123
William G. Z., Barry J. B., (2007), “Questionnaire design”, Exploring Marketing Research, Chapter 15, pp 356 – 357 and 359
Appendices 1
Thank You
Partern of data colleting
Source :(Kivela, 1997)
Crepe is a type of thin pancake, made of flour.In each culture they has their own style of pancake and own style of consuming pancake Crepe is a worldwide common snack.In Thailand you can buy it every where, small stand beside street, on motorcycle tailor .
Problem Statement:
To support the idea of new style of Japanese rolled crepe. These days, the quality of the Japanese rolled crepe in Thai market is very low. Researcher recognize this opportunity, but facing the new problem.
Proposes of the Study:
The main proposes of this study is to:
To get the full satisfaction of target customers.
Identify the kind of ingredients, filling, and styles that customers like.
Identify the price customers willing to pay for Japanese Rolled Pancake (Crepe).
Research Question:

What are the factors influences Thai people on buying intentions on Japanese rolled crepe?
Research Hypothesis:
Null hypothesis - Price will have no influence Thai people buying intention.
Alternative hypothesis - Price will have an influence Thai people buying intention.

Null hypothesis - Taste will have no influence Thai people buying intention.
Alternative hypothesis - Taste will have an influence Thai people buying intention.

Null hypothesis - Location will have no influence Thai people buying intention.
Alternative hypothesis - Location will have an influence Thai people buying intention.

Null hypothesis – Time to wait at shop will have no influence Thai people buying intention.
Alternative hypothesis – Time to wait at shop will have an influence Thai people buying intention.
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