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A Day in the Life of Ancient Egyptian Farmers

No description

camryn evans

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of A Day in the Life of Ancient Egyptian Farmers

Mummification The farmers wake up on a rough dry mat on a pile of dirt on the floor of the house. The house of a farmer was usually small and was made of mud bricks and straw.The farmers typically ate a very bland breakfast that was based of Bread, water, and fruit. After breakfast they went straight to the field to work and the women started on the household chores. Morning Farming was an extremely big part of the Egyptians and their economy's well-being. Crops did depend on how fertile the soil was. The farmers constructed irrigation canals to evenly and consistently water their crops. Mid-day Night The farmer and son (if they had one) would reunite with the family for a meal. The meal would consist of breads,fruits,vegetables,beer, wine,and meat(if they could afford it). As darkness set in they turned on their lamps and went to bed. The prepared for another difficult and demanding day Mummification did depend on the social class.
Farmers usually were not wealthy, but they weren't poor. All people and even some beloved house hold pets were mummified. By Camryn Evans Ancient Egyptian Farmers Crops Papyrus
onions cucumbers
peas Crops that were typically harvested were: Farmers would work on the land, but it depended on the season.They either planted, harvested, or tended to the crops. It was lots of work under the hot sun. The End
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