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Platinium Group S.A.M. - Final Presentation

Critical Success Factors in Leveraging SNSs for marketing

Leslie Otto

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Platinium Group S.A.M. - Final Presentation

What is the current marketing strategy of Platinium Group S.A.M.? (Background Research)

RQ I - What are current trends and developments concerning Social Network Sites?

RQ II -  How can Social Network Sites leveraged for Marketing?

RQ III - What are the needs and motivations of digital social network users?

RQ IV - What are best practices for Marketing through Social Network Sites?

RQ V - What recommendations concerning the use of SNSs could improve the current marketing strategy of PG? Research Questions CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS in LEVERAGING

Research & Recommendations for
Platinium Group S.A.M. “Which of the following Social Networking Services do you make use of?” “Do you have a user account on a Social Networking Site?” “How often do you visit your Social Network Site Account?” Have you ever learned about a new product, service or brand from a Social Network Site?” “Are you following (a) brand(s) on
Social Network Sites?” INCREASE Awareness of PG’s products and service (inexpensive marketing)

INCREASE of customers

INCREASE of customer Service

INCREASE customer loyalty

INCREASE of revenue (ROI) Opportunities
for Platinium Group S.A.M Best Practices Social Network Sites
"Major Players" Platinium Group’s Current Social Network Sites STRENGTHs

- Channels already existent
- 454 users (Status: May 2011)
- IT department


Visual appearance/ Name/ Category
Company/ Product Information
No SNS responsible (Latest content Dec. 2010)
No user engagement
Fans are neglected (missed opportunities)
Content too sales focused/ too overwhelming RECOMMENDATIONS i. "RE-ACTIVE ACCOUNTS" Visual appearance

Name/ Category

Company/ Product Information
No user engagement
Fans neglected ii. "IMPORVE current SNS appearance" iii. "INCREASE number of Facebook Fans" iv. SHARE content v.BE Social vi. MONITOR and listen vii.CONTINUE trend watching RESEARCH OBJECTIVE i. "RE-ACTIVE" and get ready INTERNALLY ii. "IMPORVE current SNS appearance"

iii. "INCREASE number of Facebook Fans"

iv. SHARE content

Branded Photostrip v.BE Social

? ? ? FIELD Research Results
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