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Marketing to Millennials

No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials
Young Millennials
Loyalty Building Stage
Important to reach out to these young adults and gain their trust now.

They are a major consumer group of the present and the future.

Keeping in mind that many are:
Attending school
Beginning Careers
Repaying Student Loans

Augusta Jobs App
Additional Considerations
Make everything easy/simple (To Share, To Find, Utilize PayPal for payments, etc.)
Digitally Minded
Weary of Push Marketing
Notorious Trend Followers
Mission Motivated
Fast Paced
Shorter Attention Spans
Less Discretionary Income
est. 1988-1995
Augusta 18-25 Population ~20,000
Challenge: Minimal Money
Overcoming Challenges
Challenge: "No Interest"

Wrong! This group is interested in reading news but prefer receiving it in different ways.

The paper is bulky and dirty whereas their mobile devices are clean, easy to access, and allow them to share articles they find interesting.

Reinvent our tablet app:
Include latest news in addition to the down-loadable issues

Why? Fresh content and ease of sharing specific articles.

Take Note: Huffington Post has done a great job of writing their articles in a simple, clean, and trendy way that Millennials (and others) appreciate.

Challenge: Weary of Marketing

Millennials are adverse to sales pitches. Rather than being sold to, they prefer doing research on their own in order to make decisions. They value conversation.

Adjust tone in order to engage them more effectively -- no matter what marketing channel.

They need to be shown why they need local news and what they will gain. Speak to and with them, not for and at them

Make reading the paper on their phones and tablets trendy. Focus on conveying the importance of being educated on what is going on around them makes them a more desirable and well-rounded person by doing so.

This can be done so through various advertising mediums as well as through events, social media, blogs networking, and through a Support Local Campaign (See Opportunities)

*Can even let them take part in it: YouTube Video Contest (Why should you Support Local? or Why should you read Local News?)

Challenge: Reaching Them
Student Discounts, Potential Pay Wall Waivers, Free Products (see"Opportunities")

If maintaining Pay Walls:

Be Transparent.

Explain why we have pay walls for news when people can “get it for free online.”

Explain that they are paying for quality local news stories and supporting their local economy and show them the added benefits

Go to them! Get involved in events and groups they are involved in.

This will include sponsorships and memberships in Young Professionals of Augusta, Junior League, Guitar Pull, etc. The best way to get them to care about us is to show we care about them.

Strongly Mission Work Driven! (See Support Local in "Opportunities") Great way to get them involved and aware.

Use social media to interact and respond to comments and feedback, keeping our followers engaged.

Must also stay on top of new platforms such as Vine while creating and maintaining interest on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Android Tablets
Support Local Campaign
Tablet Distribution
Opinion Sharing
Free Products
Millennials are great at finding ways to obtain digital information for little to no cost.

While the Netflix approach is definitely a direction we need to be moving, particularly for our 30+ age bracket, it is important to look at the Pandora approach as well. (Free music but with premium, paid upgrade packages)

Free section on the Augusta Chronicle Website/Apps: AC on the Go - short articles, opinions, local cartoon memes (or modernized political cartoons), events, Spotted, revamped version of Augusta Live, etc.

Free (or inexpensive) weekly small news & event booklet in grocery store lines. (Including self check out)

Android Tablet Apps should be added into our product mix. These are more affordable than iPads and will allow us to reach another market.

Overall our Tablet App needs to be reinvented. While the visual appeal and ability to download the paper edition on a tablet is unmistakeably great (for certain viewers) it has a HUGE problem:

It is old news.

The download capabilities should still be kept but as a section instead of the entire app. Digital News should be fresh and easy to share.

This and the Phone Apps should all have a similar look and feel that is visually appealing and easy to navigate.
Fill the Need.

This age bracket (among others) is full of job hunters. Even college graduates are having trouble finding jobs while loan repayments loom over there heads

Either Create an Augusta Jobs App or Promote a section on the Augusta Chronicle App.

Allow for job alerts based on categories and experience when new postings are listed.

Promote the app at Job Fairs and Colleges
Surveys/Focus Groups
Create a custom news tablet.

Consider offering tablets to subscribers who sign up for a two year digital subscription.

Allow doctor's offices, coffee shops, school libraries, etc. the opportunity to have designated news tablets for their customers' use. (Some form of anti-theft would need to be included)

Offer these to local colleges as a resource for their students.

*This would be a new and expensive endeavor with obvious risk but could be key in the future of newspaper reading.

"Newslets anyone?"

Put our content directly in front of them in a new way. Catch their attention.
Support Local (or Buy Local) Campaigns have proven to be extremely effective all over the United States, including our neighbor, Aiken.

With Augusta's rich history, multiple smbs, and various nonprofit organizations we have a perfect opportunity to take the forefront in a Local focused initiative.

Great way to get in front of Millennials and get them involved. Opportunities include events, advertising, contests, and even the possibility of new products. (A Buy Local Weekly Publication for example)

Not only is this a way to reach Millennials but various other age brackets as well. Could also open doors to build new partnerships with other media companies.

Great way to help promote the Local Economy while promoting ourselves, involving our readers, gaining new subscribers, and creating new advertising opportunities.
Millennials are highly opinionated and enjoy being able to share those opinions. We must make their options easy to find and use. We should also add avenues for them to text/email/post/blog etc. their stories or thoughts on important Local topics. "Tell us what you think"

We need to make sure to post interesting/trending articles not only on Facebook, but other social platforms such as LinkedIn, and by blogging, reblogging, and optimizing each article.

An example of making it easy for them to share opinions is to allow them to quickly login to share through Facebook via Facebook connect. Twitter is also another option. This will decrease the loss of writers lost when prompted to enter login information. (Can also use to increase followers) Having a social news feed by each article is another possibility.

Millennials are creative, digitally minded, and love recognition.

Contests offer a way for them to share their interests and opinions and to get them engaged them with our products/services.

YouTube Video Contest:
Various potential options, (e.g.)
"The newspaper's not dead"
"Why Read Local News?"
"The New News" (starring our digital news programs)
"Support Local - Augusta"

Weekly Instagram Contest: Have users tag aug_chronicle on Instagram with pictures relating to Augusta whether it be an event, a building, the canal, etc.
Another option could be having them take pictures reading the Chronicle (In any form).

Choose a winner to have their Instagram picture published in the paper and online. (Also possibly small prizes such as movie or special event tickets)

Back to the basics:

Surveys and Focus Groups are great for gaining feedback and ideas directly from the source. For this bracket, professional events, college campuses, coffee shops, and social networks are great for obtaining information.

It is important to have a well thought out, detailed survey or questionnaire (though not overwhelming) in order to obtain useful information, detect trends, and gain new ideas.

Incentives are helpful in getting these completed though are not always necessary.

Surveys will offer more data and are typically more reliable (and less expensive) but involve a large amount of filtering.

Focus Groups can stimulate discussion and brainstorming but because they are smaller groups and dependent on the personalities of those involved, they are often very skewed (would recommend a few separate groups.)

All of this should be kept in mind when determining the best route.

Avenues for reaching Millennials
Mobile Devices (Social and Search Retargeting)
Search Engines (Should be utilizing optimization techniques to extreme measures)
Social Media Platforms and Blogs
Hulu, Pandora, & Spotify
Email & SMS Marketing (with a compelling message)
Cinema Marketing
Search/Site Retargeting
YouTube Videos (revamp Augusta Live- too long, make more fun)
Advertisements must be interactive and attention grabbing
Opportunity for Growth!

Many people are familiar with Spotted or at least recognize the Chronicle photographers walking around events.

Millennials love pictures and having them shared online, especially when they are used as news. This age group is not as familiar with where to find these and are likely to forget unless given an easy way to do so.

Having the photographers pass out Spotted cards with a url and QR code as well as an easy to access section on all apps/website will help increase interest in this area and encourage sharing via social media.
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