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Copy of Generation Z: Global, Visual, Digital

No description

Rickey Jiao

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Generation Z: Global, Visual, Digital

Generation Z: Global, Visual, Digital
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Generation X
Previous Generations:
Question 1:
What are the key distinguishing characteristics of Gen Z that set them apart from previous generations?
tion X
tion Y
Generation Y
Generation Z
Born between mid 1990s and 2010

Live in a rapid growing world

Require peer acceptance

Value authenticity and realness

Live with internet

For Gen Z
Key Traits
Digital initiator

Globally thinking

Question 2: In what markets do Gen Z represent an important opportunity for marketers?

Gen Z is teenage age under 19

Discerning consumers

Like music, fashion, cosmetic and video game etc.

Gen Z buying power is underestimated.

Mobile Device
Mobile device is part of their lives

Smart phones, tables and wireless internet

Look for fresh and innovation

Social Media
Online Shopping
Internet shows huge potential for marketer

Gen Z have twice as Facebook friends then previous generation

Likely to share online

The number of people shop online increase

Success of Ebay and Amazon

Gen Z look for convenience.

Question 4: Question 4: What will be the key challenges in marketing to Gen Z?
Expecting the Buying Behavior
Online Shopping
innovate in their own way
expand the level of boundary
to dig out all the information

Generation Gap
The primary reason the generation gap occur is value of people change based on years passed;

Born in a digital world

Highest number of technological devices

The generation Z is the leader of the digital world

Lots of obstacles for marketers to reach them at the right moment
(Marchetti, TJ, 2014)
Understand Generation Z
Psychographic segmentation
(what the consumer think
and believe)

: position, improve the
product and even perfect the
communication channel

: harder to notice
psychographic factors such as
personality characteristics and
environmental concerns
(Goyat, S, 2011)

(Madden, M et. Al, 2013)
Cause a conflict, communication barriers and dissensions;
Affect quality of the communication and lead to marketers suspend the process to catch up the trends and lose opportunities.

Sale revenue & Competition
How will marketing to Gen Z be different to marketing to previous generations
Marketing to Previous Generations
First, marketing to Gen X
Gen X:
Disdain overstating
Gen X's Traits
Outstanding Value
Reliable personal
Second, marketing to Gen Y
Character for Generation Y
Websites n
They're willing to change their main furniture
Gen Y:
Important Markets for Gen Y:
House furnishings
Sports equipment
Marketing to Generation Z
Gen Z's Products & Services
$43 billion
$600 billion
Gen Z's
buying power
Family Spending
Car Companies:

"Children Influence"
Gym Memberships, Health insurance
Latest Fashion
Bank Financial Products
Gen Z:
Gen X:
Gen Y:
Gen Z's Purchasing Habit &
Buying Area
Differences of marketing strategies
Online Chats:
Prevent pedophiles
renew the
information &
What other challenges do marketers have when they marketing Generation z?
Demand of visual market
The Generation Z expect to be attracted by the visual pictures, images and even the real products
The visual market has to be much more attractive and innovative than the one made by other competitors
Global marketing
The internet expand their view.
The marketing should need to be developed globally.

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Boosting pace of internet-conversation has shortened the attention spacing of Gen Z and improved their visual perception.
Tips for marketing to Gen Z
Marketers need respect online youth brands such as Worldpop.com
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