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Mesopotamia Info Scavenger Hunt

This prezi will guide you through the Mesopotamia Info scavenger hunt to learn about the FIRST civilization of the world

Dan Klumper

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Mesopotamia Info Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Fertile Crescent, known as "Mesopotamia"
because it is located between two rivers. What two rivers, you ask? You will find out at some point during this scavenger hunt. Advance the prezi for further instruction...
You will be following this prezi to gain information and knowledge about Mesopotamia. This is an important session, for this is actually a major information gathering session. So do a good job, which I know you will.
Seriously, how good does that look? Wow, it looks so delicious. I can't even believe it. I wish I could eat ten right now.
Section Heading: Map of Mesopotamia

Before we begin, we must first get an understanding of our surroundings. For that, we must use a map. Unless you are a psychic and can automatically predict something. In the blog post, you will find a link to a map. Follow that link and in your notebook, tell me the following items:
1. What are the two rivers of Mesopotamia?
2. What mountain range is to the East of Mesopotamia?
3. What are the four Seas (one is a gulf) that are located around Mesopotamia?
4. What is the desert to the south of Mesopotamia?

Good Job. You may advance to the cafeteria for a delicious Cosmic brownie. Not. Ha. Sorry. Just advance.
Section Heading: Sumer

Now that we have an idea of the surroundings of Mesopotamia, it is time to dive right in (not actually diving in because there's no water, so it would kinda hurt to actually dive into your computer. plus, it might break.)
For Mesopotamia, it all starts here, between the Tigris and Euphrates River. The first people to settle in Mesopotamia chose this spot because of the two rivers, which provided fertile land for farming. They called it "Sumer" and we shall learn about it now. Using Mr. Donn's website (great friend of mine), click on "Sumer" and complete this task in your notebook:
1. Sumer was an Agriculture community. What does that mean?
2. What type of government did they have? (Hint: combination of two types) Who ruled the people?
3. Where did the people of Sumer build cities? What was their biggest city?
4. Tell me what number Sumer based their math system on and how we use that number today?
5. Tell me two important inventions that came from Sumer.
Have I mentioned yet that Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris and Euphrates? Don't forget that.
Section Heading: Babylon and Assyria

Use Mr. Donn's Site for Babylon and Assyria.

We are now in the Sea of Knowledge of Mesopotamia. I hope you can swim. I hope you brought your flippers and water wings.

After about a thousand years, Sumer broke up into two new places: Babylon and Assyria.

(Thousand years later)
(Northern Mesopotamia)
(Southern Mesopotamia)
Right now you find yourself right in the middle of the unrelenting Arabian desert. A desert is no place to hang around, just ask Johnny who spent a great deal of time and can tell you how miserable it is. Head north to find some fertile land and to learn about the daily life of these people.
Daily Life of Mesopotamia
The lives of the people of Mesopotamia were VERY different than that of the people of the Stone Age. Here, you will again use our good friend Mr. Donn and learn about a few aspects of daily life. For each task, locate that topic on Mr. Donn's site.
1. HOMES: Tell me 2 things about Mesopotamia's homes.
2. SCHOOL/EDUCATION: Who was only allowed to go to schools? What was their writing system called? What type of punishment would they get for not doing a perfect job? (MUCH different than our world.)
3. CLASSES OF PEOPLE: What were the four classes of people in Mesopotamia?

Go to your next task.
NO, NO, NO!!! You are now in Egypt! Get Out of Here!
This is not part of Mesopotamia. Although they are close together, Egypt is not part of Mesopotamia. You are getting ahead of yourself! Ancient Egypt is our next unit, but first, we must continue learning about Mesopotamia! Now go to the corner for a time-out.

Have you learned your lesson? I sure hope
so. Now, as long as you are sorry, you may continue. Go back to the Fertile Crescent and discover the gods and goddesses of Mesopotamia.
Gods, Goddesses, and Monsters
Like many other places we will study this year, Mesopotamia has an elaborate religious belief system. They believe in MANY gods and goddesses, which means they are polytheistic. With the help of the British Museum (a link on WSG), you will learn about a few of them.
In your notebook, number this section 1-7.
1. Who helps people fight evil and Chaos? He also holds the gates
open for the sun god.
2. Who is the shepherd god that represents the harvest season and
who also became the god of the underworld?
3. Who is the principle Assyrian god? He appears as a man wearing a horned cap.
4. This god is so powerful that the other gods can't even look at him. His main city is Nippur.
5. Who is the sky god? He is also the ruler of all the gods for Mesopotamia beliefs.
6. Who is the god of fresh water? He is also the god of farming, building, and wisdom.
7. Who is considered the "Mother of the Gods" ?

Once you have found all 7, advance to the Grand Finale!!
Congratulations! You have made it to the end. For your reward, there is a Cosmic Brownie attached to the bottom of your chair. Your welcome.
Click Advance after you eat your Cosmic Brownie.
Ha, Ha, Ha. Sorry. I can't believe you fell for that. Wow.
You have reached the end of the Ultimate Mesopotamia Scavenger Hunt.
On WSG, you need to POST a COMMENT telling me FIVE (5) things
you learned through this Prezi. Write in paragraph form and make sure you
tell me 5 things!

Thank you.
(Advance one more time)
Produced by:
Draw a Venn Diagram in your Notebook.
-write 3 facts for each Babylon and Assyria
-write 2 similarities in the middle.
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