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Bad Girls Don't Die

No description

Julianne Jones

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Bad Girls Don't Die

Bad Girls Don't Die
The events take place in a small town called Surrey. Alexis who is the main character, attends Surrey High School where many scenes in the story take place. We also are taken inside the home of Alexis' family where much of the book takes place. The time frame of this book is most likely present day as many of the modern things we use are found in this story.
The Protagonist
The protagonist in the story, Bad Girls Don't Die, is Alexis Warren. Alexis Warren is fifteen years old. She is a spontaneous, unique character with an interesting personality. Alexis has a punk rock style and hangs out with a group of people who are all into the goth look. In their school they seemed to stand out in a negative way. Our protagonist Alexis, meets a boy named Carter Blume. Carter is a confident boy who had suffered from self-harm a couple of years before he and Alexis met. Overall, Carter shows Alexis another side of life. Carter brightens up Alexis' world and actually seems to turn it upside down. Eventually Alexis stops hanging out with her group and people realize she is not so bad after all...until the antagonist steps into the picture.
The Antagonist
The Antagonist in this story is Alexis' younger sister, Kasey. Kasey is bossy, emotional, curious and very childish. To to other people Kasey comes off as an angel but all that is about to change. She has an obsession with dolls. This obsession begins to concern Alexis when Kasey throws a fit over a school project. She gets angry with Alexis because she did not allow her to use her old project. Through many fights and arguments, Kasey becomes possessed by an old doll in the family's attic. Kasey and Alexis' world is about to change in an interesting way.
By: Katie Alender
Plot and Conflict
The plot and conflict of the story is based on person versus another person. The conflict in Bad Girls don't Die progresses throughout the book. It starts when Alexis' sister Kasey becomes possessed by a doll that she finds in her attic, at least that is what they thought. Kasey ended up being possessed by the ghost of Sarah. Sarah was a young girl that used to live in Kasey and Alexis' home. The real conflict starts when Kasey's behavior starts to turn evil. Kasey starts to hurt people physically whenever Sarah takes over her body. Overall, the conflict happens throughout the story and progresses in Kasey's attitude. The main conflict is in the climax though and here is how...
Plot and Climax
The plot and climax of this story is towards the end of the book. Kasey has just been fully taken over by Sarah's ghost and was going crazy. Kasey had been possessed so badly that she was destroying her house and almost killed her own sister. Kasey was violently throwing Alexis around like a toddler playing with a doll. After a long time of Kasey and Alexis fighting, Alexis ran up into the attic. Kasey purposely lit the house on fire. Alexis was stuck up in the attic with the fire raging inside the house. Eventually, the fire reached the attic and Alexis had to jump out the window and onto a tree branch. It was the last time anyone saw the ghost of Sarah in action.
How was the Conflict Solved?
Once Alexis' mother realized what was going on, she and Alexis frantically called the hospital about this dangerous problem in their home. The family did not know how to treat this issue as it was very unusual. The Warren family moved out of their house and into a condo. The condo had two bedrooms, one was where Mr and Mrs. Warren slept while the other room was for Alexis and Kasey. Sadly one bed remained empty for some time because Kasey had to stay in the hospital for a couple months. This was so she could be treated properly and be healed from her injuries and mental problems. In the end the conflict was solved and she was able to happily return home to her family. But nothing was normal for too long...
From Bad to Cursed
The next book
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