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Onalis Velasquez

on 16 October 2013

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CAS integration Projects
Weekly or Monthly Report: If you have chosen to work in a School Club, a monthly report of your progress, should submitted in your CAS folders. If you choose to work with the orphanage, the period of work is 5 weeks. 5 journals are expected to report your experiences.
Find an Advisor
You also need a teacher to be your adviser during this project. You should send him/her the link of your project so he or she can advise and help you through the process. Any consultations should be reflected in your journals. It is also very important to consult your advisor before the last presentation
Evidence of Work
Samples of Work
Bulletin Boards
A Secondary School Assembly: You will present your work to the school community. A 7 mins video should be presented to the school community. The students should highlight two CAS objectives.
The CAS project involves the integration of the 3 components and the accomplishments of the 8 objectives.
CAS integration project is personal activity that an DP candidate and/or Senior have designed to accomplish the 8 CAS Citizenship objectives. The activities vary according to the students interests and abilities. The CIP should be run by the students supervised by a teacher and CAS coordinator. THE CIP can be school clubs, out of campus projects(with previous approval) and different academic and sport activities for underprivileged people . The three CAS components must be present.
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