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VEMMA Training

No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of VEMMA Training

VEMMA Training
more example invites take down notes and learn.....
Your why is the most important
3 types of people who join network marketing
Posers get on board because they want to make a little bit of money, they want to build some income and chill back and let it grow
Amateurs, they have a deep WHY for wanting to build the business but they don't en grain that deep WHY and the people they enroll into the business
Professionals not only have a deep WHY but they make sure and hold everyone in their organization accountable for also having a deep WHY

Finding your why
Finding your WHY is very important because that WHY is going to help you get through the struggles/ tough times. Figure out a true reason why you need to make this work. Your WHY should not be about money/cars it should be bigger than that. Many young people are doing this to be able to retire their parents, and several already have. Others want freedom for the rest of their lives.
If your WHY is just about money, change it because when you don't make anything in your first month, you are going to quit.
Setting goals is crucial in this business because you are your own boss. There is no one telling you what to do so for you to be successful you have to know what it is you want. Set goals for 30, 60, 90 days, and a year and write them down. For you to know what kind of goals to set for yourself print off the Vemma Rank Advancement Chart below and look at the numbers of how many people you need on each leg to hit certain ranks. Also it is important to set daily goals such as "I will share this opportunity with 3 people per day" or "I will spend 1 hour per day devoted to personal development".
Start Dreaming Again
Your dreams will provide the foundations for your VEMMA business. Think about it....most of us if not all as children were natural dreamers. We all wanted to be doctors, one day an astronaut and even becoming a millionaire, having that nice house, nice car. Unfortunately as we grow up we all had our share of dis-appointment's. As part of life we felt personal + professional rejection and dis-appointment. We had many hopes and aspirations and of course many of them didn't become a reality. As a result most people loose the desire and ability to dream.


Most people begin to settle for less than average for what ever life will give them as opposed to achieving and extraordinary life of their dreams. Learning to dream again will mean spending time identifying what you want out of this life and what you want out of this business. Your dreams will fuel your desire, motivation and efforts.
Keep focused on your goals and dreams.
Imagine yourself living the life as you have dreamed about. This will fuel your desire, consistency + persistence.
Protect your dreams with a passion because people will attack them. There are many negative people out there
It is crucial that when you get started in Vemma to make a physical list of everyone you know that could use Vemma in some way. Two great resources to help make your list is checking your Facebook friends and cell phone contacts. Whether it be from a health standpoint, for money, or for time freedom-- virtually everyone can benefit from Vemma in some way. Make your list as large as possible. 100+ people should be the goal. Make sure to always have this list on you and constantly be adding to it and taking notes on any conversations you have with anyone on the list. Don't pre-judge anyone or make excuses why you shouldn't share Vemma with them. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they first start is that they try to explain Vemma to the people on their list. When you first join it is not your job to explain anything to anyone but rather invite them to hear about Vemma from someone that has credibility. It is best to use the invite techniques covered in the videos to the right to invite people to hear about the business on a video call with someone who is successful or bring them to a home event. This concept of using the credibility of someone with more experience is the backbone of the system. Understand there's no correct way to invite there's no script that's going to work for everyone because everyone is a little bit different.
Communication and relationship building
Stay plugged in and connect to your up-plines. Listen to weekly conference calls. Attend local area events. Watch leadership events on USTREAM, never allow yourself to be isolated because this business is about TEAM.
Do something positive everyday to advance your VEMMA Business
Commit to daily consistent activity and you'll be amazed at your results over time.
Maybe you've herd attitude is everything.
'You must accept a temporary loss of social esteem from ignorant people '
"You cannot let somebody else s opinion affect what your going to be doing in this business, you have to step up, STEP OUT and become a LEADER"
"The problem is never the problem, the problem is your attitude towards your day to day experiences in life"
Your personal attitude is a choice
choosing to be positive
everyone has challenges
If you have a problem focus on the solution, commit to being teachable + learn how to apply these principles

Remain positive + enthusiastic by continuing to focus on your dreams
-Commit to personal development, reading books, listening to audios and being around positive people
-Having the right attitude is so important, having that mental mindset because i believe 100% of your success is in your mind.
-Take on the attitude of a winner
-Winners think about things positively
-Take out all the negative emotions no matter whats happening.
Stay positive especially talking to people in your down line, stay positive and really get around positive people because you can have all these negative people around you and you don't want because they're going to try bring you down.
-Be around people who are going to encourage you and raise your belief level up that you can do it.
-What you think and focus on grows so stop thinking of all the reasons why you cant make this work , expect good things to happen to you.

If you treat this business like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby
if you treat it like a million dollar business it will pay you like a million dollar business
First of congratulations for joining the fastest growing team in the UK!!
We are all here to help you, connect with you up-line leaders.

Obviously your going to be very very excited, here the thing don't go out there and try explain it to your friends.
Give yourself 2 days before you start calling people, go through the material and video, the videos are crucial.
Stay really really excited and very quiet at the same time, chill out for a second and be teachable and self motivated.
Dont go out there and puke all over your friends about vemma, thats the no.1 mistake brad partners make.

Lawrence Alzaim Skype : Lawrence.Alzaim

Adel Salhi : Skype: KingSwaggaUK
ooVoo: AdelSalhi
Instagram: @AdelSalhiYPR
Twitter: @AdelSalhiYPR
Email: AdelSalhiYPR@gmail.com

Bryan Espin : Skype : bryan_espin
ooVoo: bryanespin001
Twitter: @bryanespin 01
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bryan.espin.9
Number: 07535176969


personal development expert jim rohn - Time : 1:06:00 (WORTH IT)
Les Brown on mindset must watch! Time : 35 mins (Worth it)
placement stragety we have in place, must watch if you want momentum in your business
There is a lot of information that has to do with vemma, but the good news is as the newest person you do not need to know everything in order to start making money. However it is important to educate yourself a little bit everyday and never stop learning.
Continue to educate yourself on Vemma, the products, leadership and most of all. Personal development. check out the www.yprzone.com for personal development.
are you a leader or a follower?
This is by far the most important thing in this business. Most people that struggle are not taking the massive action necessary to make it happen. Anyone that you see that is successful in Vemma didn't get there by chance or luck. They are there because they took massive action and never looked back. This means all of the people you would have talked to over the course of a month, do it in a few days. Vemma is easier to build fast than it is to build slow so go out there and just do it. Be persistent, consistent, and take this seriously, and you will see serious returns.
Building your story
Leadership ERIC WORRE
Simon Sinek Golden Circle
Brand Partners ;
Remain professional so as to not hurt the company's reputation...common sense.
"haters gonna Hate" don't get into arguments on facebook
Bring Verve to home events for your prospects
please do not talk/leave during presentations
Be at every meeting if you have no prospects attending/skype in
Always keep a positive attitude and be a motivator
Be the leader you would like
Be on time, its very important to be punctual if your a brand partner

Law of Attraction watch this Time: 1:31:06
Very worth it and a must watch all top income earners in vemma know about this and have watched this.
At the end of the day you wont get paid professional money on a amateur skill-set
Start with Your WHY
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