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Science Investigation - Is Yawning Contagious?

No description

Mair Howell

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Science Investigation - Is Yawning Contagious?

Science Investigation - Is Yawning Contagious?
By Mair Howell 8D

Independent variable:
I will be changing my facial expression.
Which Variable will I keep the same?
I will be doing my investigation with the same people, and in the same environment.
What is the Dependent Variable?
I am measuring what people's reactions are.
How will I measure it?
I will be gathering data and keeping a tally, so I can then put it into a table.
I will look at people and yawn, and record what their reaction is, and whether they yawn or not.
How will you keep and record the data?
A friend will be keeping a tally of how many people yawn back, and how many don't. Then i will put the data into a table and find the average.
How long is the investigation?
Three days, including planning and the experiment itself.
I believe that yawning whilst looking at people will cause them to yawn back as they will see me yawn and will think about it.
What is it that I am investigating?
I am investigating if yawning is contagious or not. I have always been suspicious of this theory, so I thought it may have been interesting to know.
Background Information
I have always wondered if yawning was contagious or not, because people always say it is, so i chose to investigate it and find out for myself.
There has been a theory that yawning is contagious, so in this investigation i will be finding out whether it is or not.
In this investigation I will not need many materials apart from:
A Pen -
For writing and gathering my data
Paper -
To write down my data.
Laptop -
To make my Prezi.
My method that i used doing this investigation was:
Write up data sheet
Get a friend to keep a tally
Look at people and yawn
Friend records results as I go
Put my data into a table
(Continue to do the steps)

This is a table of my results. It shows how many people yawned when i did not yawn, and how many people yawned when I did as well.
Discussion, Errors and Improvements

Possible Errors:
In this investigation, possible errors could have been that no one yawned back, and my data would have been a disaster.
What could I change next time?
Next time i could do my investigation in a better environment, so i can investigate on more people.
Was it a fair test?
Yes, my investigation was a fair test because i tested on the same people in the same environment.
What did I learn from the outcome?
I learnt that yawning is contagious, but it would be very hard to do a similar investigation as it is hard to gather the data.
What do my results tell me?
My results tell me that yawning is contagious as when people saw me yawn they yawned back within 10-15 seconds.
Was my hypothesis correct?
Yes my hypothesis was correct, as when people saw me yawn they also yawned.
How is this relevant?
I have always wondered if yawning was contagious or not, because when i saw someone yawn, most of the time I would yawn as well.
Can you apple this to every day life?
In everyday life it does apply to us, but this investigation doesn't affect every day life.
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