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Levi Social Responsibility

No description

Jerome Smith

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Levi Social Responsibility

By Jerome Smith Levi's Social Responsibility Levi's are made in 11o countries world wide. The higher quality expensive jeans are made in the United States. Where Levi makes Their Jeans 95% of Levi jeans is cotton. The other 5% is raw materials. A fraction of a fraction of that 5% is derived from animals. What are Levis made from? They also believe in doing right by their employees, brands, and company. Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct Levis vision is to listen and respond to their customers, employees, and stakeholders. They also believe in creating new ideas. There are no worker programs Levi Programs for used jeans Levi has partnered with the Goodwill to encourage donation of jeans Free the Children Free the children was made to reveal the child labor that was happening in South Asia and North America Fictional Corporation This corporation pledges to respect our workers. They will be given sick, vacation, and personal days off. We pledge to make sure that we are helping the community and not hurting it. We can do so by hiring within the community. Finally we will make green decisions when it comes to the environment. We will conserve as much energy as possible and look for new inovative ways for creating energy. We will always restore the land we use to the same state we found it in. Levi Jeans Price tag Denim cost $20 + Employee salary 18 + Damage to environment $22 Total $58
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