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How to in Flowlab.

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Kelly Ann

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of How to in Flowlab.

By Kelly Rivera & Delaney Fose
How to collect coins in Flowlab.
The first step in collecting coins in Flowlab is having an account if you don't here are some simple steps for you to create an account.
In step 2 you'll be making a game

1: You click on my games and your screen should look like this.

Step 2
Step 3
At the end of step 3 your game should
probably look like something like this.

Step 4
Step 1
1: Copy the link below and paste it into your search bar.
2: Click on the sign up for free up at the top right.
3: The sign up for free with an email,
username, and password.
2: Then you click on new games .
For step number 3 click on new game.

To make a game that looks like this one in
the picture click on create in the empty

Then you click on the option 'click to edit'. as soon as you do that click on the browse button and click tutorial button at the way top.
Now for step 4 you should click on the a
coin. Then click behaviors.

1: Click the collsion behavior.
2:Create a link to sound effect play( add a sound like lead.001.mp3)
3:The add the number behavior(set the number to one) connect a link from collision to in.
4: Add the apha behavior
adda link from numver out
to apha %
5:Finally add the enabled
behavior and connect a link
from number to enabled
Step 5
Exit out from the coin behaviors and go on to
your character. If you don't have character you either create one or go to browse and tutorials and get a character. Click on the behaviors for your character. For your characters first behavior should look like this.
Step 6
For step 6 for your character second behavior should look like the the picture below.
If you follow all these step your character should be able to collect coins. Enjoy!
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