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History of Human Abuse in Medical Research

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Rami Ak

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of History of Human Abuse in Medical Research

History of Human Abuse in Medical Research
Vaccination Trials
Small Pox had high rates of mortality.
physicians used themselves or their slaves as test subjects.
conducted without informing the subjects of dangers.
Example: Edward Jenner experiments.

Walter Reed's Experiments
To develop an inoculation for yellow fever.
Research work was done with human volunteers.
Medical personnel were used too.
He received honorary degrees from Harvard and the University of Michigan in recognition of his seminal work.
On November 1902, Reed's appendix ruptured; he died on November 22, 1902, of the resulting peritonitis, at age 51.
United Kingdom
The British Army used hundreds of Irish and native British Indian Army soldiers.
Experiments about mustard gas affects on skin.
Subjects were hospitalize.
No evidence of volunteering action.
Unit 731, a department of Japanese Army, made experiments on prisoners.
It conducted biological and chemical weapons tests.
Doctor Akira Makino had performed surgery and amputations on women and children.
Most victims were Moro Muslims.
Nazi experimentation on concentration camp prisoners
Dr. Josef Mengele conducted medical experiments on prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.
Experiments had fatal Consequences.
23 Nazi doctors were prosecuted.
7 were condemned to death.
The Allies developed the Nuremberg Code.
U.S. scientific researchers in Guatemala infected hundreds of mental patients with (STD).
Researchers encouraged many of them to pass the disease.
In 2010 these experiments were revealed.
Barack Obama apologized to President Álvaro Colom.
Human subject rights
The end, justifies the means.
Agree? or not?
Jewish twins were kept alive to be used in Josef Mengele's medical experiments. These children from Auschwitz were liberated by the Red Army in January 1945
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Adnan Al Jafary U00027470
Motahare Vamegh U00029730
Rami Karkout U00043103

Coordinated by: Dr. Emad Ahmed Nosair
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