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Earth Day

Tree Planting

Jesse Telfer

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Earth Day

The Sugar Maple PlantIng ADVENTURE Target Group Geography students Period 4 classes Those who are passionate about our environment Those who "were not passionate enough" about the environment Steps Taken Approval from our loved Principal Mr. MacPherson Calling organizations for generous donations Setting up our event and getting others involved! Improvements keeping better track of our sponsors
we could have pused are calls harder
more involvment from the classes who came
more organisation with supplies Achievements Successfully planting our tree in an appropriate spot.
Recieveing a reasonable amount of donations
Getting other classes involved Difficulties Getting our supplies and donations from tree nurseries
Arranging appropriate meetings and collecting the donations efficiently
Managing phone call and keeping track of those willing and unwilling to donate Purpose promoteing a healthy environment
Motivateing ourselfes as well as others to contribute to sustaining a healthy environment
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