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sgt. John Wilson Character Analysis

No description

bonnie chen

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of sgt. John Wilson Character Analysis

The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson Character Analysis John Wilson nicknamed Jack
second oldest of 4 children
his family was known for being quiet, industrious and honest people
slim and handsome
has twin sisters named Isabella and Mary
brother named Alex Relationships marries Polly Hutchison (January 1, 1908)
marries Jessie Patterson (September 29, 1918) Career - Grocery Trade Business
- Bridge Builder
- Gardener
- Tomato Growing Business
- RCMP Officer
- Notary Public and Justice of Peace Character Traits Lazy - Ran his parent's once striving grocery trade business into the ground instead of keeping it going. Untruthful - All his actions led to him lying. He was most dishonest when it came to Jessie and Polly and hiding his relationships. Desperate - John was desperate for Jessie's love. He came to no ends with trying to gain her heart, and ultimately led him to kill Polly. Manipulative - John didn't get caught for his unfaithfulness for years. He was a true schemer and had a knack for his persuasion towards others Interesting Fact Sgt. John Wilson was the first and last RCMP officer to be hanged. Mary Hutchison known as "Polly"
born to William and Helen
4 sisters
1 brother, James
had a poor but proud family
from Slamannan, Scotland Relationships -married John Wilson (January 1st, 1908)
- 2 children (George and Ella)
- close relationship with sister, Elizabeth Character Traits Oblivious Polly always believes she should see the good in people. She is unaware of the things people are capable of. She never believed John was unfaithful and held on to their relationship that was utterly crumbling. Positive Polly was described as having a "sunny disposition" to her. Everyone loved her because of her bright nature. Interesting Fact Polly was murdered with child, by her husband John Wilson on September 27, 1918 Jessie Patterson - referred to as "wee girl" by John Wilson
- born to Allison and John Patterson
- 2 brothers (James, Mac)
- sister Kate
- suffered from Spanish Flu
- 16 years old when she meets John
- high cheekbones and thick brown hair Relationships married John Wilson September 29, 1918 Character Traits Naive - Even after John was sentenced to death for the murder of Polly, Jessie still continued to love him. She never really question John about Polly and just believed every word he said. Intolerant Jessie basically presented John with an ultimatum when it came to the two of them getting married. She demanded he figured out his divorce with Polly or she would be done. Interesting Fact The day Jessie's son was born was also the same day John Wilson, the son's father was hanged. April 23, 1920.
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