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DB #1

No description

Kathy Tassier

on 5 December 2015

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Transcript of DB #1

DB #1
DB #2
DB #4
DB #5
DB #6 - Mini Observations
DB #7
DB #8
DB 9 with Steve Gordon
What is the goal?
Will evaluation help accomplish this goal?
How Do High-Performing Nations Evaluate Teachers?
"Obviously, our first drive is biological: We drink when we’re thirsty, eat when we’re hungry, and want to run away when we’re in danger. The second drive—to respond to those carrots and sticks—is also innate. Although, adept as we are at responding to rewards and punishment, our responses are not always totally rational.

We also have a third drive, which is to do things that are interesting; to direct our own lives; to get better at doing whatever we do; to be part of something larger than ourselves; and to do things for their own reward. This drive is just as much a part of being human as the other two drives."

Daniel Pink

The Hechinger Report The Hechinger Report

Covering Innovation & Inequality in Education

"A new way to evaluate teachers: Let them set their own standards"
What is the Goal?
To improve instruction which will positively affect student learning.
Can evaluation improve instruction?
What would the evaluation tool look like?
1. Using Danielson's framework and previous end of year evaluation as a starting point administrator and teacher would set two goals for teacher.
2. Teachers would be required to document their progress toward achieving those goals.
Documentation would include a mix of walk-through observations by administrators, peers, and professional evaluators, as well as student/parent surveys. (Walk-through tool and training provided)
An administrator's role would be to help the teacher decide on goals and how to best achieve those goals. It might be through training or professional development, or peer coaching/observation. The administrator would also review progress toward goals at year end.

Throughout the year the administrator would still conduct observations, checking for progress toward goals, as well as looking for best practices that might be used as examples for other teachers.
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