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Hitler Youth

No description

Pia Besa

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Hitler Youth

Youth League of the National Socialist Workers' Party (Nazi Youth League) Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi Party)

originally for boys of 14 to 18 years old
not very popular, competed with other youth movements
temporarily disbanded after Hitler's arrest
renamed as the Greater German Youth Republic WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE WAR? WHO WERE THEY? EFFECTS OF MEMBERSHIP ON LIFESTYLE Hitler-Jugend WHAT WAS EXPECTED OF THEM? HITLER THE YOUTH learn semaphore (coding with flags) and arms drill
two-day cross-country hikes every second Sunday
"Blood and Honor" dagger
April 20: Adolf Hitler's birthday
was a nation holiday and induction
mass rallies full of rituals creating
the look of one national community CULTURES AND TRADITIONS Conflicting schedule with Sunday service! "We are the rollicking Hitler Youth. We have no need of Christian truth. No evil old priest these ties can sever. We're Hitler's children now and ever." FACT:
Attendance was so low that they required it.
Students were too tired from the nightly meetings that they weren't able to stay awake in school. Nazi Dogma: National Socialist Worldview
abandon individuality
uniform way of thinking
love for one's country
die for the Führer and Fatherland
enjoyment of honest open combat and healthy physical activity
race-conscious, obedient, self-sacrificing Germans
rejection of values originating from Jewry "We demand that the National Socialist Youth, and all other young Germans, irrespective of class or occupation, between fourteen and eighteen years of age, whose hearts are affected by the suffering and hardships afflicting the Fatherland, and who later desire to join the ranks of the fighters against the Jewish enemy, the sole originator of our present shame and suffering, enter the Youth League of the NSDAP" •Nazi Party's youth movement
•PURPOSE: perpetuate the 1000 Year Reich
•not the first attempt to organize German youth
•worldwide trend of youth movements in the 20th century
anti-capitalism HOW WERE THEY FORMED? 1922 1933 Official Formation Sole Youth Organization 1926 Preparations and Early Beginnings Denazification Re-education from scratch Many members of the Hitler Jugend
were left in the dark PLAY SCHOOL HOME Wide variety of recreational activities ARTS CRAFTS SPORTS CAMPING HIKING SINGING MUSIC *Emphasis on physical activities All other interests were forgotten and replaced Superior Citizens Appeal and enthusiasm from those who joined Members did not get along with non-Hitler Youth peers

Arrogant, aggressive and violent CONFLICT Parents versus Children Shift in loyalty Loss of trust Loss of interest Pointless and boring Skip school for Hitler Youth activities Disregard for academics

Physical>Mental Family conditions Family Unit BRAINS OF THE BAND: First Leaders REFERENCES Mother and son relationships Mostly affected due to the formation of the Hitler Youth Wives lost their husbands Due to the husbands' active involvement in the Nazi Party Lost responsibilities as husbands and fathers Women were granted divorce Kurt Gruber Gustav Lenk 4th July: Reichsparteitag (Reich Party Day)
absorbed other National Socialist youth movements Children were taken away When the parents aren't able to provide a "politically reliable" home Hitler Jugend, Bund der Deutschen Arbeiterjugend GUIDELINES EARLY WORDS members above 18 had to become Nazi Party members
obey all commands issued by any Nazi Party leader
wear standardized uniforms 1928: Jungvolk 10-14 years old Bund Deutscher League of German Girls New Branches Madel only youth organization in Germany after Nazi Party came into power

storming of the Reichs Committee of German Youth Associations

combination of other youth groups Conservative Groups Protestant Groups Nationalist Groups Jewish Groups Catholic Youth Organization independent youth groups Brown, Paul. “Germany 1918-1939: Impact of Nazism on family life.” NSW HSC Online. Modern History Stage 6 Syllabus, 2004. Web. 24 February 2013. <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xz8_sIGXfuFVzO-1UKtZnRsbqHdkXmTihCYF9eRYXIc/edit>

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Pham, Jessica A. “Educating the Hitler Youth.” Stanford University. Stanford University, 2009. Web. 23 February 2013. <http://www.stanford.edu/dept/undergrad/cgi-bin/drupal_ual/sites/default/files/common/docs/JessicaPhamRBA.pdf>

Wagner, Chris. “Hitler Youth”. Historical Boys’ Clothing. 30 July 2012. Web. 20 February 2013. <http://histclo.com/youth/youth/org/nat/hitler/hitler.htm> Baldur von Schirach Flak Gun Crews/Flakhelfer KLV Camps 12th SS Panzer Division Hitler Jugend ROLE DURING THE
WAR Volkssturm
(People's Army) Choice of the Youth No choice in the matter, parents or teachers push them to join Re-inventing the
moral code “Not hard to understand the appeal of belonging to a large, dominant and protective community.” Recipe for Loyalty Economic and war problems + Identity crisis of the youth Loyal youth groups looking
to create a paradigm shift from the "old" to the "new" A literal shift of power sought by the young
from the old veterans Disapproval Destruction Interruption Poverty Punishment Parents did not approve of the Nazi's ideals and Hitler himself
Parents saw the Hitler Youth to be a path of violence, war, and DESTRUCTION
INTERRUPTION Parents saw the Hitler Youth as the cause of destruction for their children's future The schedule of the activities of the Hitler Youth interrupted:
Chores at home
Church services Not all families were able to pay for the different requirements like:
Monthly dues
Camp fees If unable to let their child join the Hitler Youth there were to be: For parents who fail to register their child - 150RM/Imprisonment
For keeping their child from performing their duties - Max of 10,000RM/5 years Imprisonment Nazi's used this to reduce the role of parents to make the indoctrination of the youth more successful Mandatory by the State All people who fit the bill
technically had to be a
part of it; no regular Joe
was exempted
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