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How is bulletproof clothing made

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Matthew Preciado

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of How is bulletproof clothing made

by: Matthew Preciado How is Bulletproof Clothing Made? Raw Materials Making the Panel Cloth Cutting the Panel Finishing the Vest Sewing the Panels A bullet proof vest is made of things such as a panel, a vest shaped sheet of plastic polymers that is composed of layers of either Kevlar or Spectrum Shield.
Although the vest does not provide much comfort its made more comfortably by sewing an absorbent sheet of Kumax towards the body.
Built in pouches are made to hold a metal plates to help prevent injury from either a bullet or a(n) stabbing. To make Kevlar, the polymer poly- para phenylene terephthalymide must be made in the laboratory. Which is done through the process of polymerization. Which then goes through this whole process to be made into yarn. That is then weaved into a simple pattern that interlace alternatively. Kevlar is sent in rolls to the bullet proof vest manufacture. That they need to roll out to be long enough for several panels to be cut at one time. Which tends to be about 32.79 yards. But some manufactures use computers to determine the placement of the cut sheets. A worker cuts around the sheets to form panels, which are then placed in precise stacks. To sew the layers together, the workers place a stencil on the top of the layers then rub chalk on the exposed areas. Then you stitch the layers together, following the patterns made by the chalk. The shells for the panels are sewn together, the panels are then slipped inside the shells. After, the accessories then sewn on. Which is then shipped off to the customer. Although i could not find a video about how bullet proof clothing is made here's a video on how we use it in todays society. I hope you enjoy :)
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