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"The Demon Lover"

No description

Sarah Birtch

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of "The Demon Lover"

Elizabeth Bowen
claws gripping
The Letter
disorder and chaos, Kathleen's life is turned upside down
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The demon lover wants revenge on Kathleen for cheating on him
War tears families apart
Written by Elizabeth Bowen
Presented by Sarah Birtch, Matt Harte, and Lyzerax Hill
"The Demon Lover"
Elizabeth was born in Dublin in 1899
Father was confined to a mental institution when she was only 7 years old
After the diagnosis of his illness, Elizabeth and her mother moved to England
Her mother died of cancer when she was 13
Elizabeth did not have a university education.
She served as an air-raid warden in World War II
"The Demon Lover"
Kathleen Drover arrives at her London home
She finds a suspicious letter on the hallway table
The letter appears to be from Kathleen's old fiance, as it mentions a promise she made to him before he left for war
When she enters a taxi to return to the her family, she stares at the driver and begins to scream
The driver accelerates and takes off through the deserted streets
Mrs. Drover
Mrs. Drover is traumatized by the return of her former fiance
K. or the Demon Lover
K. returns for Kathleen because of a promise she made 25 yeas ago
Her Past
Kathleen has to confront her past decision to promise to marry the solider
She needs to catch her train to get back to her family
Something will happen at "the time arranged"
Central Conflict
Man vs. Self
The decisions that she made in the past are coming back to haunt her
Man vs. Supernatural
The actual demon lover coming back to take her away.
Man vs Society
Kathleen's overall struggle is with war.
Other Figurative Language
Foreshadowing: "but no human eye watched Mrs. Drover's return"
"'I shall be with you,' he said, 'sooner or later. You won't forget that. You need do nothing but wait.'"
"solid driver"
Personification: "The unoccupied houses opposite continued to meet her look with their damaged stare"
Diction: "She stopped dead and stared at the hall table"
War in London
Twilight Zone
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