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Savvy Novel Project

No description

Emily Parr

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Savvy Novel Project

In the beginning of Savvy the setting is on the border of Kansas and Nebraska just off Highway 81 in the middle of nowhere. Throughout the story it moves from Bee to Emerald to Wymore, Nebraska then to Manhattan and Salina, Kansas. Savvy takes place in modern times over 2-3 days (except the last chapter which takes place a year later.) This book primarily includes man vs. self conflict but also includes man vs. environment conflict and man vs. man conflict with the minor characters.The main conflict is when Mibs’s father gets in a terrible car accident so Mibs, her brothers, and their friends sneak away on a bus to try to get to Salina to see their father. A more minor conflict is that, Mibs turns 13 and gets her savvy (power) and has to learn how to cope with it and figure out how to hide it from the public. The protagonist in Savvy is Mibs. In this novel there is no MAJOR antagonist because there is noone actively apposing Mibs. However, there is a character named Carlene who does have some conflict with the kids at the end and with Lester (the bus driver) throughout the whole book.

Rising Action
Falling Action
Turns out that Will Jr.’s father is a policeman. He talks to the other policeman into driving them down to Salina to see their family. Once they get there, they are reunited with their family. There are a lot of tears, hugs and questions. Also, Mrs. Rosemary and Pastor Meeks had driven down to collect Bobby and Will. They were worried sick the whole time. Grandpa and Baby Gypsy drove down as well, assuming that if they ran away, Salina would have been where they were headed. Finally the time comes to see Papa.
They all get into the hospital room and Papa looks horrible in his comatose state. Mibs kneels down by him and since he has a mermaid tattoo from the navy on his wrist, she listens really hard while everyone goes silent. She doesn’t hear anything. Mibs she leans over Papa’s bed and whispers in his ear, “Listen to me now Papa. It’s time for you to hear my voice inside your head. You may think you’ve got no savvy Papa but you are wrong. You do have a saavy, you do. You never give up Papa, not ever. That is your Saavy. You never ever give up. Then she bent down and kissed Papa’s forehead and heard a faint, faint voice inside her head… “Don’t give up.” Then, she heard it louder. She hears the voice again saying, “I don’t give up!” Mibs reports the news and they all shriek with joy. Mibs starts screaming, “Papa do you hear me? Don’t give up! Don’t give up!” Then, without warning, all of Papa’s buzzing, whirring machines and monitors went crazy. Papa’s heart monitor flat lines for a second. Then, tons of nurses rushed in, trying to pull them away but Mibs just ignored them and kept talking to Papa, not letting go of his bed. All of a sudden, Papa wakes up and everyone is relieved. A year after the accident, Papa was back home and healthy, even though he still wasn’t exactly the same. At this point, Mibs realized that family was a lot more important than anything else and that everything was going to be ok for a while.
Element 1, Theme
In the novel Savvy, Ingrid Law (the author) uses love and family as themes. In the beginning of the story, Mississippi Beaumont also known as Mibs doesn’t fully understand how much she loves and needs her family. Like many teenage girls, Mibs has her focus on how she wants this perfect birthday cake with “pink and yellow frosting and the perfect sugar roses” and how she hopes that when she turns thirteen her savvy (power) could maybe be something that gives her the power to turn her bullies, Ashley and Emma, into slimy green frogs or glue their mouths shut tight. Then when her poppa gets in a terrible car accident, her perspective on how important family and friends are changes. Throughout the book she realizes that even though Emma and Ashley don’t like her and she doesn’t have any friends at school, there are people who do love her and that is what matters. Also, towards the end of the book, the setting changes to a year later, when Mibs is about to turn fourteen and Mibs tells the reader; “Momma was in the kitchen making my cake. It was the cake I’d wanted so badly one year ago, the cake that didn’t seem quite so very important to me anymore, compared to other things.” Then, she starts to talk about how they built a porch swing, like she has always wanted and Mibs tells the readers; “I knew our swing was the world’s best. Ours was a real swing with a real porch to go with it, and a whole house full of love to hold it up.” The themes of love and family in this book, shows the reader how important family is and that you should cherish your time with them before it’s too late.
Element 2, POV

In the book Savvy, Ingrid Law (the author) uses first person as the point of view. Since the book is written from first person, it means that a character within the story, tells the story. And in this case, it is told from Mississippi Beaumont’s (also known as Mibs) point of view. This is proven from these quotes, taken directly out of the book; “I could tell she wasn’t quite believing us.”(pg135), “Getting my head back above the surface and my wet hair out of my eyes,” (pg219) and “I held my head in my hands, wondering what was wrong with me.”(pg58) As I’m sure you noticed all of those sentences included I, me, or my which all show that this book was written in first person. Because this book was written in first person, it allows the reader to be able to feel what Mibs feels and understand why she feels like that. This also helps us to connect to some of Mibs’s different situations and feelings throughout the book. I personally think that it makes the book feel more realistic. I think that because our own life and moods are seen from our own point of view!

Once the Heartland Bible Supply bus gets to Carlene’s house in Manhattan, Lester gives Carlene the money for the bibles and quits his job. Then, Sampson takes a pee-break in the trailer and Carlene realizes that they are the kids who have been on the news. She calls the police and they hurriedly run to the bus. After a few miles of driving, they realize they have forgotten Sampson. They turn back to the trailer home. Carlene won’t tell them where he is because she has locked him away until the police arrive. Then, all thinking at the same time, they grab Carlene. Mibs takes a pen and draws a smiley face on her leg. Since Mibs can hear the thoughts of all people with ink on them, she can now hear Carlene’s thoughts…. “He climbed in himself… the mangy snooping little dog. I just latched the panel so that he couldn’t get back out.” This getting them nowhere, all of a sudden, Mibs hears another voice, “I’m in the wall, I’m in the wall.” This is Sampson’s voice. Finally, they find him and the police break down the door. Mibs bursts into tears, worried that the police would send her back home without her seeing her father.
Savvy Novel Project
By Emily Parr

The inciting incident in Savvy was when Mibs’s father gets into a tragic car accident just before Mibs’ thirteenth birthday and goes into a coma. The part of the rising action is when Mibs is at her 13th birthday party at the church and she decides to sneak on the pink Heartland Bible Supply bus. Fish and Samson (her brothers) and two family friends Bobbi and Will jr. (Will also has a crsh on Mibs) follow her on the bus. Then t starts to move! When she realizes it’s not going straight to Salina, she knows they are in for an adventure! On the way, the kids pick up a woman named Lilly Kiteley whose car is broken down on the side of the road. Then, they make a stop at the Emerald Truck Stop Diner and Lounge because that is where Lilly works. She ends up getting fired for being late so they stay the night at the hotel and go swimming. Also, Will ends up kissing Mibs! Right before Mibs goes to bed, she turns on the T.V. She sees news stories about how they are missing. Then, they make a stop in Wymore and start to head to Manhattan to give Carlene the money for the bibles.
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