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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

credits to the original owner of the magical theory of relativity prezi Petra Marjai for the animations

Brenda Tan

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry By: Mildred D. Taylor The Main Characters: Cassie Mama Big Ma Copyright Prezi Team Papa Mr. Morrison From: http://prezi.com/vgj5kiy-3zsd/the-magical-theory-of-relativity/ T.J. S T A C E Y to put things back, there will be a backwards button in the corner of the screen that will face the camera towards the table. Uncle Hammer Little Man C H R I S T O P H E R J O H N How do we know that the characters have these traits? Indirect Characterization!!! Indirect Characterization is when the author shows us a character's personality without telling us directly
Like when said... "He was often ridiculed by other children and shown up to school more than once with wide red welts which, as Lillian Jean told us, were from him spending time with us. Still, he continued to meet us"
Pg. 9 This shows Jeremy's peaceful yet persistant and defiant personality. and... "They wouldn't do that to ole T.J.! He can talk his way outta just 'bout anything!"

Pg. 209 This shows T.J.'s conniving and decieving personality 6 Figures of Speech in the Story What is the theme of this story? All of these characters live in Mississippi during the Great Depression It was a time when jobs were scarce, people were starving, and prices were getting higher. The story mostly takes place in the land owned by the Logan family and areas near it. The tone of this story is desperate. An example of this is when on page 142 Mama said:
"What'll we do, David? We needed that job."
This shows how desperate they are to hold on to the land. The mood of this story is determined. This is shown when Cassie said:
"I ain't nobody's little nigger! And you out not be waiting on everybody 'fore you wait on us! Stacey! Tell him! You know he ain't fair making us wait-"
Pg. 84

This shows she is determined to stand up for herself. Mama is a very protective, intelligent, caring, and kind character. She is protective when she did not let her children leave to house to stop the fire. She shows her intelligence by not panicking and knowing exactly what to do during bad situations like Papa getting injured or the fire starting. Mama is caring when she tries to shield her children from discrimination for as long as she could. She shows her kindness by not hesitating to agree to harbor Mr. Morrison when he needed a place to stay. Big Ma is a wise, cautious, responsible, and concerned person. She shows how wise she is when she is able to tell that apologizing to Lillian Jean had to be done even though she hated to. Big Ma shows how cautious she is when she stayed in the back of the market in Strawberry so it wouldn't provoke trouble with white folks. She shows how responsible she is when she works in the fields and keeps the house even at the age of 60. Big Ma is concerned about Cassie when she told Mama that Cassie has been acting very depressed for the past week. Papa is a very protective, hardworking, successful, and stubborn character. He shows he is very protective by running after Stacey into the woods to confort him. Papa is hardworking by doing backbreaking work for months away from his family to support them and keep their land. He is successful by being able to maintain enough money to support his famly. Papa is stubborn by setting his mind on making a trip even though it was very dangerous and Mama tried to persuade him not to. Mr. Morrison is a loyal, hardworking, shy, and courageous person. He shows he is loyal by defending Papa against the Wallaces and bringing him back home. Mr. Morrison shows he is hardworking by doing everything he could to try to get a job. He shows how shy he is being very quiet most of the time and only acting when forced to. He shows he is courageous by defending Papa even though it was possible white folks would kill him for it after. Uncle Hammer is an independent, hardworking, bold, and daring man. He is independent because he has no wife or kids and doesn't depend on his family for money, and although he supports them, he doesn't need to rely on them. Uncle Hammer shows he is hardworking by working so hard that he has enough money to support his family and he does so at all costs. He is bold because he was willing to risk his life to confront Mr. Simmes for pushing Cassie. Uncle Hammer shows he is daring by risking his life to get revenge, no matter against who and no matter the consequences. T.J. is a deceiving, cowardly, self-confident, and sly person. He shows he is deceiving when he went to get his hat, the children discovered he was looking in Mama's history textbook, and he managed to weasel his way out of trouble. T.J. shows he is cowardly by absolutely refusing to tell anyone about what the Wallace brothers did to him for fear of retaliation. He is self-confident when he tells the children that he doesn't need them because he has other friends. T.J. shows he is sly when he wrote down the test answers on a piece of paper and passed it to Stacey. Cassie is a very courageous, unaware, proud, and hopeful person. She is courageous when she stood up for herself when Lillian Jean treated her unfairly. She shows she is unaware when she is treated unfairly by Mr. Barnett and still doesn't know the reason why. Cassie is proud by standing up for herself despite the white people making fun of her. She shows she is hopeful by wishing that someday whites and blacks would be treated as equals. Stacey is a very brave, loyal, mischievous, and careful person. He shows he is brave when he decided that he was going to help T.J. back to his house despite the fact that the Wallace brothers might be after him. Stacey shows he is loyal by not telling Mama that T.J. was cheating on the test and even took the blame for it. He shows he is mischievous by leading his siblings to dig the hole in the ground to get revenge on the Jefferson Davis bus. Stacey shows he is careful by being able to stay hidden while following the men that took T.J. and his family. Little Man is a very neat, studious, sensitive, and determined boy. He shows he is neat by making his siblings walk to school slower just so he wouldn't get his clean clothes dirt on the dusty road. Little Man shows he is studious by trying to do his homework even though he was distracted at the time. He shows he is sensitive by being offended when T.J. said he could pick up Little Man and throw him around. Little Man is determined by always insisting on joining Cassie and Stacey whenever they were going to go somewhere What is the problem in this story? Well, in this story the Logans face many problems such as... Racism. The Logans are living during a time when white people treat the African Americans like they are inferior. Also, Harlan Granger is trying to take the Logan's land away from them. He feels that black people do not have the right to own land. These problems are the cause of the major of events in this story. The events are... 1. Cassie and Little Man refuse to accept the books that the school gave them because of the page in the book that showed racism towards African Americans 2. Cassie, Christopher-John, Little Man, and Stacey dug a trench in the raod and filled it with water to get revenge on the Jefferson Davis bus. 3. Cassie goes outside and sees the night men stop at the house and then keep driving. 4. T.J. cheated on the test and Stacey took the blame for it when he was caught with the paper by Mama. After, Stacey found T.J. at the Wallace store and the two boys fought until Mr. Morrison interfered. 5. Big Ma, T.J., Stacey, and Cassie went to Strawberry and the kids went to Mr.Barnetts's store to buy stuff. Mr. Barnett filled out all the white people's orders before theirs and when Cassie stood up to him, he was cruelly made fun of her ethnicity and kicked her out of his store. 6. After Cassie got kicked out of Mr. Barnett's store, she bumped into Lillian Jean. Cassie apologized, but Lillian Jean wanted her to get on the road. When she tried to refuse, Lillian Jean grabbed her arm and Mr. Simmes pushed her to the road. Big Ma came and to protect Cassie, told her to apologize to "Miz" Lillian Jean. 7. T.J. said that Stacey's new coat made him look like a fat preacher. Stacey gave it to T.J. because it fit him perfectly and when Uncle Hammer-who gave him the coat- found out he decided that Stacey's punishment would be to let T.J. keep the coat. 8. Cassie pretends to act like Lillian Jean's servant and calls her "Miz". Lillian jean tells her some secrets that she couldn't hold in and a few of her own. One day Cassie gets in a fight with her, wins, and warns Lillian Jean that if anyone finds out about the fight, she would tell everyone the things Lillian told her and about loosing a fight to a little girl. 9. Harlan Granger visits the school and listens to Mama's (who was a teacher there) lecture. She said a few things that were not in the book and when she said that not everything in the book was accurate, he told her that if she was so smart she should write her own book. This makes it clear to the administrator that he wants her fired. 10. Little Willie told the kids that T.J. was the one who told the Wallaces that Mama failed him on purpose, getting her fired. Stacey unfriends him and at school, every person shunned him. He tells the kids that he doesn't need them since he has other friends who were white. 11. Mr. Morrison, Papa, and Stacey go on a trip. The Wallaces interfere on their way back, making gunshots that scared Jack so that Stacey couldn't hold him and the wagon moved. The wagon crushes Papa's leg . Mr. Morrison drives them off and they ride back home. 12. T.J. visits the church on a holiday with the Simmes brothers. He is completely different now and brags about his new friends, but everyone walks away from him and he goes to Strawberry with the brothers to steal a gun. 13. T.J. comes to Stacey and Cassie at night in their house. He told them that when stealing a gun, he and the Simmes brothers were caught. He told them that he would rat, and they beat him. He begs Stacey to help him get home for fear of the Simmes brothers returning, and all of the children end up coming when Christopher-John and Little Man wake up. 14. T.J. and his family is dragged out of their home and beaten by white people. Mr. Jamison tries to stop them from hurting T.J. and the kids get their parents while stacey follows them. A fire starts in Granger land. All of the people in the area work together to dig trenches to fight the fire. If the fire reaches the woods, it would burn everything to Strawberry. When the fire reaches the trenches, it begins to rain. Which one of these is the climax? Actually, the climax occured between the parts when T.J. was beaten and the fire. At this moment the reader can infer that Granger will leave the Logans alone because they saved his land... and the moment when the reader can infer that T.J. will not be pardoned and will be thrown in jail, and possibly the chain gang. The ending of the story, or resolution, was when the fire ended, but Stacey ran off in tears when he heard that T.J. will be thrown in jail and can might die in the chain gang. After these events, no one in the family was the same. Cassie now realizes that there will be people that will consider her inferior because of her skin color. Mama is fired from her job is now unable to teach. She has also been through the tramatic events of T.J. making bad decisions, her husband getting hurt, seeing her children understand discrimination, and a fire that might burn everything for miles. Big Ma has to go through watcing her grandchildren, especially Cassie, come to understand how whites might consider them lower. Stacey has to go through watching his friend make bad decisions and where his decisions will lead him. After he hears about T.J. going to jail, he runs off to the woods in tears. Little Man and Christopher-John also learn second-hand by Cassie's experiences that some white people will consider them inferior. Papa has to watch his children understand discrimination is towards the end of the story he is attacked by the Wallaces. Mr. Morrison has not changed much during the course of the story, as it is implied that he has been in fights before he came to the Logans. During the course of the story, T.J. realizes that the decisions he made were wrong. He realizes this too late, as he is arrested and put in the chain gang. Uncle Hammer has changed, having to watch people try to take the land away and seeing Stacey giving the coat to T.J. The theme of this story is to stand up for what you believe in. To demonstrate this, we made these theme circles... Dialect "You sure giving folks something to talk 'bout with that car of yours, Hammer,"
said Mr. Granger
Pg. 126 Metaphor Simile Imagery Personification Bibliography: Mildred D. Taylor (Author)

www.clipart.com (Pictures)

http://prezi.com/vgj5kiy-3zsd/the-magical-theory-of-relativity/ (T.J.'s background) Brenda Tan
Caitlin Greenup
Fernando Yu
Cassandra Figueroa
Winston Kong
Rachel Duarte
Period 3
Ms. Braun
4/11/13 I would recommend this book to a friend because tells a beautiful story about how a family and a girl grows up being treated so poorly... and it shows how unfair life can be when you are treated inferior simply because of your skin color. It is also interesting to see how the family manages to pull through. "That ole scrawny, chicken-legged, snaggle-toothed, cross-" said Cassie
Pg. 98 "She's born to teaching like the Sun is born to shine." said Papa
Pg. 142 "Then he stood slowly, his eyes icing into that cold distant way they could, and he started toward the door limping slightly on his left leg,"
Pg. 92 "The truck braking noisily with a grating shriek of steel."
Pg. 120 Hyperbole "The man was a human tree"
Pg. 25 Someone Cassie Action Stood up to Lillian Jean Result Got the justice she deserved for how Lillian Jean treated her in Strawberry. Christopher John is a very loyal, quiet, patient, and caring boy. He shows he is loyal when he went with his siblings when they were digging the ditch, although he didn't want to miss lunch. Christopher John shows he is quiet by not speaking out his opinions very often throughout the story. He shows he is patient when he is the only person not angry at certain times when his siblings were. Christopher John shows he is caring when he heard about what T.J. did to his brother, Claude, and tried to comfort him. This shows that Mr. Granger has a slight accent. Cassie is saying that Lillian Jean was weak. Papa is saying that teaching is what Mama was born to do. This example shows that the character has penetrating, cold eyes. This shows that the truck was very loud when it brakes. This shows that Mr. Morrison is very tall.
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