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The Atmosphere


Laura Davis

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere Five Layers Energy Transfer Global Wind Patterns A thin layer of gases, solids, and liquids that forms a protective layer around the Earth Troposphere Mesosphere Stratosphere Thermosphere Exosphere Radiant Conduction Convection *Evaporation *Condensation *Precipitation *Collection Water Cycle a.k.a. "hydrosphere" 35% is reflected 65% is absorbed Atmospheric Pressure Altitude Temperature Water Content 78% Nitrogen 21 % Oxygen 1% other gases
Argon (0.93%)
Carbon dioxide
(0.03%) Dust
Salt Water
Other Liquids 99 % of all water
75% of all atmospheric gases
Most weather
All living things
10 km above the Earth's surface http://forces.si.edu/Atmosphere/interactive/atmosphere.html Highest temperatures
Thickest Layer
85-500 km above the Earth's surface
Contains part of the ionsphere
(Aurora Borealis) The edge of outer space
Outer (exo-) most layer
Very few molecules
Space shuttle
Satellites Contains the ozone layer
10-50 km above the Earth's surface
Weather ballons Coldest Layer
Highest wind speeds
Shooting stars
Contains part of the ionsphere
(Aurora Borealis) Two Features Ozone Layer In the stratosphere
Made of three oxygen atoms
Absorbs heat from the sun
Keeps Earth warm enough to life to exist Ionosphere In the mesosphere and thermosphere
Free electrons and ions
Allows us to bounce radio signals around the world
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