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Christmas In Sweden

No description

Nat Janvary

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of Christmas In Sweden

Christmas In Sweden! Christmas Foods Eaten In Sweden
Typical foods eaten in Sweden on Christmas are Swedish meatballs, Christmas ham, herring, sausages, ribs, and sliced beet root. Some Christmas desserts are porridge, rice pudding, Christmas toffee, Gingerbread, and Saint Lucy saffron buns. Christmas in Sweden lasts from December 13th to January 13th. Christmas Traditions In Sweden The oldest daughter in each household wears a white dress and a crown with candles upon it. Then the daughter must serve everyone in her family buns and coffee. Another Christmas tradition in Sweden is to hide 1 almond in a bowl of rice pudding. Who ever gets the almond in their bowl of pudding is said to marry within the year. On December 25th (Christmas Morning) families wake up early to go to church. Families compete against one another to race to the church. Many years ago families had to race to church in horse-drawn sleighs. The winner is said to have the best harvesting. Interesting Facts I found it interesting that when the oldest daughter in each family serves buns and coffee that boys and girls follow her, singing traditional Lucia carols. The girls wear glitter in their hair while the boys wear Ginger cookie costumes or paper cone hats. By: Natalie Janvary
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