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The Pursuit of Happyness: Hero Journey

No description

Ashley Humphries

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Pursuit of Happyness: Hero Journey

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Plot Summary The Pursuit of Happyness is the true life story of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman in 1981 San Francisco fighting to keep himself and his five year old son alive. After his girlfriend Linda walks out, Chris's determination exceeds new heights when he lands an unpaid, competitive internship in a stockbroker training program. However, without a salary Chris and his son are eventually evicted from their apartment and forced into the streets. With a great deal of confidence and perseverance, Chris manages to overcome many obstacles, and become a Wall Street legend. Departure Hero (Chris Gardner) Talisman: Chris's only means of making money are by selling portable bone density scanners that he invested his life savings in.

Companion: Christopher Jr. is the most important person to Chris, and he stays by his side throughout their entire journey.

Departure continued... The Pursuit of Happyness Directed by: Gabriele Muccino Initiation Call to adventure: Chris meets Jay Twistle, employee at Dean Witter, who is impressed with his ability to solve a Rubik's Cube.
Refusal of the call: He does not accept the internship immediately, but eventually changes his mind.
Answering the call: He needs money to take care of his son. Road of trials: Brother Battle: Throughout the beginning of the movie, Chris is in a constant battle with his girlfriend Linda, Christopher Jr's mother. Money is a major issue for the couple, and eventually she moves to New York leaving them to fend for themselves. Night Journey: Departure continued... Crossing the threshold:
He loses a bone density scanner to a woman in the streets.
A homeless man takes one of his scanners because he thinks it is a time machine.
He has to make enough money to provide for his son. Initiation continued... Initiation continued... Chris's journey takes him to many places across the entire state of California. Initiation continued... The Belly of the whale: Chris faces many moments where it seems that all hope is lost including...
September 25th, the day the IRS took $600 from him, leaving $21 to his name
Evicted from the motel
The night in the metro station bathroom The Return Master of two worlds:
Chris gets offered a job as a stock broker for Dean Witter's firm. With a paying position, he is now able to provide for himself and his son. The Return continued... A few years after Chris lands a job as a stock broker, he founds his own firm in 1987 called Gardner Rich. In 2006 he made a multi-million dollar deal. The Freedom to live: Chris accepts an internship with Dean Witter's stock brokerage firm.
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