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Susan G. Komen Foundation

Charity Research Project

Shivani Konduru

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Susan G. Komen Foundation

Partners and Sponsers
Susan G. Komen has many partners and sponsers that trust the foundation
Fun Facts on Foundation
Campaign called koMEN: helps get men involved
Reaches out to the world by sending 1.5 million dollars
Helps minority women pay for treatment
Why You should donate
About Komen's mission
Komen is a non profit organization and was founded by, Nancy Brinker in Dallas, Texas in 1982
Fundraising Events
3 day walk
Breast Cancer Awareness
Yogurt lids
Sell clothing and gear
Partner up with other companies
Understanding Breast Cancer
Causes: gene mutation, tumors, environment
Environmental cause may be dangerous

One of the main causes of women's deaths
2 types of breast cancer:
Non-invasive- doesn't spread through the body
Invasive-spreads through the body

Leads to other cancers

Genes are BRCA1 AND BRCA2
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Where does the money collected go to?
25% of money goes to research fundings

75% goes to the community in which it was raised
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
To recap here are some reasons you should donate:
Even with over 2.8 million survivors breast cancer is is still the 2nd highest cause of death
Susan G. Komen is the largest non governmental source of research funds
It raises awareness
Helps people learn about breast cancer
and more......
By: Shivani Konduru
Mastectomy : removal of the breasts
Lumpectomy : removal of tumor
Radiation Therapy:burn the tumor

Helps raise money to stop breast cancer
"Obliterate it from the world" :)
After treatment no women looks or feels the same anymore.
Why it started?
Nancy Brinker started this organization because her sister had died from breast cancer.
Susan G. Komen's story .....

Susan was a beautiful, young person
She got breast cancer
Fought for her life
Thought she was cured (but really not)
Went through chemotherapy
Died after three years

How would you feel?
Would you have seen it coming?
Can You imagine a family member going through this?

1 in 8 women under the age of 45 will get breast cancer

2 in 3 will have suffered or will get it over the age of 55

Women are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer than men

15% of cancer victims have family members that have also gotten cancer

Death rates decrease

1/36 chance women will get breast cancer
Breast Cancer usually occurs when breast tissue is:

Not healthy
Ways to lower your risks
Eat vegetables and fruits
Plainly staying healthy
In October

Time when women are encouraged to get mammograms
Awareness rises at this time of year
The 3-day walk
The 3 day walk is when thousands of participants walk 60 miles in 3 days.
Ways that Komen earns money
Pay to participate
Sell clothing and souvenirs
Sell food and supplies
Very fun
Meet new people
Learn stories
And much more......
Komen takes the money they earn and give it to the area in which it was raised.
Table of Contents
To name some extras:
UGG Australia
Polo Ralph Lauren
Zumba Fitness
American Airlines
and many more ....
Sells pink watches
Partner since 2004
Donated $845,000
Sells pink hand sanitizer
Partner since 2013
Donated $25,000
Sun Chips
Sells special bags of chips
Partner since 2006
Donated $153,000
Started "Warriors In Pink"
Started "Pink Elephant In the Room"
Gives mony for every KOHL'S cash card
Understanding Breast Cancer
About Komen's Mission
Where does the money collected go to?
Why it Started
Fundraising Events
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The 3-day walk
Partners and Sponsers
Sun Chips
Fun Facts On Foundation
Why You should Donate
Thank You for listening to and watching my presentation

Any Questions?
Imagine being told you have breast cancer.
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