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Old Gadgets vs New Gadgets

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Joao Banger

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Old Gadgets vs New Gadgets

60's / 70's
Old Gadgets vs New Gadgets
Old Gadgets vs New Gadgets
We will compare the gadgets as when they were old devices and as they are now.​
The Gadgets that will compare are:​
Phone / Mobile Phone​
In 1923 Vladimir K. Zworykin created the first design of an electronic television, John Logie Baird in 1924 with the help of philo taylor created a television reproducing moving images, though the television created by these two scientists already playing back motion pictures not yet reproduced sound.​
Already in 1945 the use of television has greatly increased after the Second World War due to technological advances that have arisen with the necessities of war and the need to know what was going on in the world in unstable times.​
These needs and technological advancements made up the first television to play sound​
After World War II there was been given a greater importance to television and in 1954 appeared the first television color.​
From this television created by Sony in 1963 started to worry about the design, the size of televisions began to increase and with this increased the need for better image for televisions has emerged which made the television still evolve more times until now where ever better technologies are appearing and are adapted to televisions.
The computer was created in 1946 in the USA during World War II.
It was created by John Eckert and John Mauchley, this computer has led to the first generation of computers, that these were not yet marketed.
 The second generation of computers appeared in the 1950s, this generation was designed by Alan Turing and these computers could be marketed.
 The 1960 came the third generation of computers also called the golden generation. These computers were three times faster than the old ones.
 Between 1965 and 1970 created the fourth generation of computers, they finally left the large rooms and began to be portable. The manufacturer of these computers after the creation of portable computers started selling fifty thousand units per year.
 In 1976, the apple, a brand known worldwide, created the first personal computers and originated the fourth generation of computers.
In 1984 it was created the macintosh, the first computer with graphical interface commercially sold
 The sixth and latest generation was the generation of personal computers and their mass production, besides it is also created the first computer games in 1995 such as playstation which was created by Sony.
From this generation with the conjugation of playstation with the computer set up computers increasingly more advanced
Telephone / Mobile Phone
The phone was created around the 60s and 70s by Alexander Graham Bell
Since this time the phone had great impact on the world making the communication from one side to the other of the world was much easier.
Almost a century after the invention of the telephone in 1973 the Motorola brand created the first mobile phone.
From this setting, the wireless phone has gained great importance in the world and there was a great dispute between two brands that disputed the competition of creation of mobile phones, making the evolution of the mobile phone was constant up to modern times.
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