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TIG Essdack


chad tischhauser

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of TIG Essdack

Uploading of Pictures and Video Prezi Provides.... TIG Essdack Huge Space Essdack TIG Allows for dramitic Scaling of Ideas You can show
relative importance of things. Gives audience Relevance Atoms Smallest particle that keeps
Individual characteristics Electron
Cloud Region where
there is a good
(90%)chance of
finding and
electron Nucleus Protons Neutrons Positively Charged Particles
Very Heavy (by atomic standards)
Helps Give atom Mass Neutral Particles
Same Mass as the Protons 360 Degree Orientation
Of Text. Works to keep audience attention. Tie together many key points Without using bullets Be carefull with this Place Key Ideas Around Video
While it is Playing Surface Tension Water Cohesion Adhesion Intermolecular forces Waves Air takes up space Other Features Frames Help Group Ideas Lines help connect things Can Show the Path Most Image formats
Gif PDF Files FLV Files only (for video) Hyperlinks work after you save the prezi http://essdacktig.ning.com/ One place Another another
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