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How Sound Waves Are Used In Medicine

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Sarah Schreiber

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of How Sound Waves Are Used In Medicine

How Sound Waves Are Used In Medicine Obstetric Ultrasonography Ultra Sounds in Physical Therapy First a gel is applied to the patients skin to reduce friction. Then, a transducer is placed on their skin which rotates the compression and refraction with a high frequency. Ultra sounds increase the blood flow to the patient's effected area. They are helpful on muscle strain, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Ultra sounds use a high frequency to stimulate the tissue under the surface of the patients skin. One of the benefits it provides is reducing scar tissue on the strained muscles by using heat. There are a variety of heat settings you can use on an ultrasound. A pulsed setting is used primarily to decrease scar tissue or inflammation. A continuous setting, one that delivers heat the entire time, is used to increase tissue extensibility. This means that it loosens the fascia that is around the muscle and decreases pain if the muscle is constricted. Ultra sounds use sound waves in the ultrasonic range. Ultrasound in Dentistry Work Cited Erica Jacques. Benefits of the Use of Ultrasound in Physical Therapy. Live Strong. 10 July 2012. Web. 09 February 2013.

M. Culjat, R.S. Singh, D.C. Yoon, E.R. Brown. Dental Ultra Sound Imaging Group. UCLA School of Dentistry, UCLA Department of Bioengineering, UC Santa Barbara Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Sonatech, Inc., Cyber Medical Imaging, Inc.. n.a, Web. 09 February 2013.

Thomas D Shipp, MD, RDMS. Basic Principles and Safety of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Walters Kluwer Health. 26 November 2012. Web. 08 February 2013.

Ultrasound: Sonogram. American Pregnancy Association. 03 March 2006. Web. 15 February 2013. Ultrasounds are used for pregnant women. Ultrasounds use a transducer, a tool that converts one form of energy to another. The transducer is placed on the belly of the pregnant woman. This works by sending a sound wave from the tool that bounces on the baby and comes back so it is possible to see the baby's shape and size by the measure of the echoes. The Doppler effect uses the speed of the blood cells to see the change in pitch in the affected sound waves. Ultrasound are also used to view and measure other organs. They can also be used to further analyze suspicious lumps seen on a mammogram of the breast or to further explore things such as abdominal pain and view the organs for abnormalities and to check the size and placement of the organs. This uses sound waves in the ultra sonic range. In order to more effectively clean teeth, dentists use a tool named an ultrasonic scaler to clean plaque from teeth. This is accomplished by the high frequency vibrations the tool creates and results in breaking off the tarter from the teeth. Also, it can be benefit patients by using the short wavelengths in the hard tissue produced by the transducer. It then penetrates hard structures to detect cracks or discontinuities in the patients mouth. This uses sound waves in the ultrasonic range.
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