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In 2009 a little girl Julia got a serious dilemma – to conti

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Transcript of In 2009 a little girl Julia got a serious dilemma – to conti

Julia Lipnitskaia.
In 2009 a little girl Julia got a serious dilemma – to continue to be engaged in favorite sport or to finish with it.
The answer would seem obvious. Certainly, it is necessary to continue if she loves her sport. But it was not so easy.
The situation developed such, that in native Ekaterinburg there weren’t conditions for further sporting growth and for serious trainings it was necessary to move to Moscow.
It is this decision had to make the 2012 World Junior Champion Julia Lipnitskaia and her mother. By the way, Julia’s mother must be included in the list of team members for the fact that she is not just observed a few years ago a daughter’s great potential and not just because of the fact that she consistently supported and continues to support Julia, but also for the fact that for the sake of Julia’s career growth she had to make a very serious and far from an easy decision to move to Moscow.

Moving to a metropolis like Moscow can’t be easy for a child of nine years old. It wasn’t easy for Julia too. But the advantage of this girl was in the paradoxical fact that she is not from Moscow. Those readers who are familiar with Russia know that there are some differences between Moscow and the rest of Russia. As a rule, visitors (newcomers) of Russia’s capital are stronger in ability to adaptation. In addition, Julia had a real and great passion – figure skating.
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