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Community Assistant Program

No description

Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Community Assistant Program


Cultivate a positive sense of community
Build stronger relations between students and the community at large.
Promote responsible citizenship in the local community
Play a positive role in changing the alcohol culture at JMU.
Foster safe and healthy decision making.
Role and Expectations of the Property
Community Assistant Program
Role and Expectations of a Community Assistant
The mission of the Community Assistant Program is to inspire and empower students living off campus to be responsible citizens who create safe, values-oriented communities
Program Benefits
General Expectations
Communicate openly with your supervisor(s)-we want to hear your ideas and opinions!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it is part of the learning process.
Be a good role model for your fellow staff members and peers, both in/outside the office.
Understand the commitment you made to the position; be dependable, accountable, and enthusiastic about your role in OCL.
Balance-you are part of OCL but a student first, we realize academics are a priority and plan accordingly. Please address any concerns with your supervisor(s).
Be on time to all shifts, staff meetings, and 1:1’s. Your time is valuable, show the same respect for your co-workers.
Be willing to challenge yourself. Have fun and enjoy the position!
Maintain Program Eligibility
Be a full-time, undergraduate student at James Madison University
Be in good academic standing with no current judicial record
Maintain a lease and residency in the property served
Possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
Commitment to the mission, vision, and goals of the Community Assistant program
Accomplish Core Responsibilities to My Utmost Ability
Community Interaction
Through door-to-door contact, impromptu encounters, and resident-initiated contact:
Introduce myself and the Community Assistant program to residents
Build a relationship with residents such that they feel comfortable coming to me with questions or concerns
Disseminate educational information
Keep apprised of issues and concerns within the community
Provide individual outreach to students as situations warrant
Maintain open communication between myself, residents, landlord, and supervisor.
Maintain a Community Assistant email address.
Develop and conduct programs and service projects that promote responsible citizenship, stronger communities, responsible hosting of parties and making healthy choices.
Property Manager Liaison
Develop an effective relationship with my property manager
Maintain familiarity with property management policies
Ascertain property manager concerns
Communicate current Community Assistant activities
Community Resource
Maintain familiarity with and be able to inform residents on campus resources, events, and policies.
As a Community Assistant, I recognize that I serve as a role model for other students and that I represent myself, the Community Assistant program, and James Madison University. As such I will:
Recognize that my actions have the ability to influence people’s opinions of both the University and myself and govern myself accordingly
Represent myself, the Community Assistant Program, and JMU in the best light possible
Set a positive example for my fellow students in my conduct and use of social media
Show respect and consideration for members of my community and their property
Be sensitive to the uniqueness of each situation and the individual(s) involved thereby promoting an understanding and respect for various opinions, values, and cultural backgrounds
Refrain from conduct based on prejudice or biases related to gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, socio-economic status, veteran status, political affiliation or ability
Maintain confidentiality when required by law and/or when ethical bound to do so
Adhere to University policies and local/state/federal laws
Make a positive difference in the lives of students in my apartment complex and acting as a resource for them
Attire Expectations
Administrative Expectations
One-on-One Expectations
Clock in at the beginning of every shift, and clock out when you leave. If you don’t accurately record your hours you won’t get paid appropriately.
Keep the office/desk neat and in order.
Be professional at the desk.
Practice good customer service skills-treat others how you would like to be treated.
Turn your cell-phone to silent while on shift; if you need to make a call just step outside.
Refrain from texting, can be a distraction to co-workers and guests.
Refrain from completing academic requirements while on shift unless there are no other tasks to be completed for OCL. If you have a large assignment coming up and need time to study at work, let us know so that we can plan accordingly.
Avoid eating at the desk.
Attend all training functions, biweekly staff and monthly supervisor meetings, maintain 2 hours per week of on-site office hours, maintain program documentation, and conduct assessment and evaluation.
Wear your polo/nametag while on shift.
Wear khakis or black pants that are appropriate.
If you are cold, please feel free to wear a JMU jacket or sweater, however please be sure to keep your purple polo and nametag visible at all times.
Complex Provides
Office/desk space for CAs to hold office hours
Access to large spaces for programming
Access to important property information as needed
Feedback on programs
Funding for programs
CA will keep property informed of activites
Property will keep CA informed of information, activities, and tentant issues
CAs are NOT to be assigned to marketing/leasing tasks or enforcement of rules
Benefits for Residents
Promotion of safer living environment
Resource for information
Assistance in housing and roommate issues
Benefits for You
Learn to organize effective programs
Aid in conflict mediation
Strengthen the relationship of students within the complex
We will schedule a weekly one-on-one to check in and update each other on the progress in regards to assignments.
If you are unable to attend a one-on-one, please let your supervisor(s) know in advance, not the day of the meeting.
Be on time, and come prepared to discuss your progress.
Be an active participant, you are a vital part of OCL and we are interested in hearing how things are going, what can we change, and your opinions.

**Failure to abide by ANY of these expectations will result in strikes. Students who receive three strikes will be subject to an action plan.
We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens
who lead productive and meaningful lives.

Vision Statement
To be the leading comprehensive university.

Values Statement
Our student-centered community values excellence, integrity and mutual respect.
We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens
who lead productive and meaningful lives.

Vision Statement
As we grow, our student-centered efforts will ensure that every student contributes to and is transformed by exceptional learning experiences.

Through quality programs, services, and facilities, we create a community that prepares students to become educated and enlightened citizens, who lead meaningful and productive lives.

– Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, Positive Attitude
Be truthful in all interactions, spoken and written. Do not steel or misuse state or individual property. Do not misrepresent the facts in order to hid personal agenda; no ulterior motives. Make the right choices/decisions in the absence of oversight and/or even though the final outcome is not affected. Commit to and pursue overall goals of the University, department, and unit. Seek positive working relationships in all situations, submit possible solutions to problems (be a part of the solution not a part of the problem).

– Respect, Collaboration, Team Work, Cooperation, Student Focus, Welcome Diversity, Proper Perspective
Value each person’s role. Treat others, as you would want to be treated. Build strong, working relationships regardless of department and divisional lines. Actively participate on committees/teams to bring about team’s goals. Provide information and respond to requests made to allow work to proceed effectively. Always consider how actions will affect students. Welcome diversity; cultural, individual, etc. Establish ‘ big picture’ approach to work to better understand individual actions as part of the whole.


Be prompt, complete and accurate in all written and verbal communication. Seek to confirm understanding of issues with follow up, encouraging questions. Also seek to understand other positions. Clearly define goals and expectations for programs and services, as well as for the contributing individuals. Model positive behavior. Be sensitive to issues that are better addressed through one-on-one contract rather than group settings or email.

To educate, inform, and help ease the transition of students to live off campus. Off Campus Life provides students with opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to make informed decisions.
JMU Goals
Student Affairs & University Planning Goals
University Unions
OCL Mission Statement
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