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Frooti Market Research

Consumer, Retailer and Distributor research

Priyam Shukla

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Frooti Market Research

A popular mango drink, that’s been around since 1985. And rated as India’s Most Trusted Fruit Beverage Brand. It is the brand’s unique ability to change that has kept it true to its essence, “Fresh ‘n’ juicy.” From its launch as a tetra pack, through the PET, trianguler shaped pack to the recently launched multiple mango icon packs reflect just that. The playful and naïve nature of the brand has helped it gain great acceptance with the young and the old, time and again. Little wonder that even after 24 yrs Frooti remains the most preferred mango drink, the world over.

Available in 110ml, 200ml and 1ltr Tetra Packs. And 250ml, 600ml, 1.2ltr and 2ltr PET bottles.
Decline in Market Share
Loosing it’s presence in market
Low brand image
Low margin for retailers
Low Advertising and promotional activity
Better taste of competitors comparatively
Loosing its target group
Mix questionnaire
Personal Interviews
We questioned 15 consumers and our findings were:-
Most of the consumers don’t prefer Frooti over Maaza
The main reasons were less recall value and unavailability in the market
It has no brand loyalty
We targeted six retailer in and around Viman Nagar
Retailers have low marginal profit on Frooti
Needed more promotional activities
Decrease delivery time
Poor distribution network
We targeted Two distributors in and around Viman Nagar
Satisfied with delivery time
Low profit margin
Has to bear damage in packaging
Keeps complete range of Frooti
Viman Nagar
Wadgaon sheri
Koregaon Park
Kalyani Nagar
Areas Covered
Giving more marginal profit in compare to competitors
Increasing presence in market
How to overcome
Acquiring loyal customer and building new customers
Research on consumer preference on taste
Concentrating on more promotional activities
Market Survey
Market Survey
Research Done
Thank You
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