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Precious & The Color Purple

No description

Minela Omanovic

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Precious & The Color Purple

Georgia New York Precious & The Color Purple Based on the novels by Sapphire and Alice Walker Similarities Movie Clips Made by:
Minela Omanovic
Cathrine Dahl
Charlotte Ejstrup Precious - A modern Celie Basic info

The Color Purple, 1985 - takes place in Georgia, the southern US How does it come across that Precious is a modern version of Celie, and how do Precious and Celie develop from being suppressed women into being strong individuals who emancipate themselves from suppressed living conditions? Themes
Teenage pregnancy
Change Development and change Precious
Precious' change and development
Blu Rain

Celie's change and development
Shug Avery Clip 1 - Precious Conclusion Clip 2 - Precious Clip 2 - The Color Purple Precious, 2009 - takes place in Harlem, New York The Color Purple
Georgia, USA Precious
Harlem, New York Clip 1 - The Color Purple Precious is indeed a modern version of The Color Purple
Precious never obtained the same status as The Color Purple - it was met with much critique
Emancipation is the essence of both movies - and they portray that with great success
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