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Family Tree

No description

Andrew Snyder

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Andrew Jason Snyder
1986- Andrew Snyder's
Family Tree Brandon Lynn Snyder
1991- Irene Marie Myers
1956- Vaughn Alan Snyder
1954- Betty Jane Overcash
1928- Clarence Nevin Snyder
1929-2010 Dorothy Mae Sweeney
1937- Floyd Eugene Myers
1938- Lottie Metcalfe
1902-1973 Charles Earl Snyder
1901-1976 Charles Albert Snyder
1872-1942 Anna Belle Bricker
1871-1949 Hester Anna Bear
1899-1978 Earl Skelly Overcash
1898-1974 Nannie Elizabeth Thomas
1907-1959 Charles Irvin Sweeney
1903-1973 Clement Eugene Myers
1910-1988 Ellen Belle Wingert
1909-2006 Minnie Kate Clingan
1866-NA George Luther Bear
1871-1952 Fannie M. Zimmerman
1864-1938 Amos Overcash
1858-1902 John C. Metcalfe
1866-1944 Laura Clapsadle
1865-1933 Christian Aden Myers
1887-1975 Ida Mae Meyers
1885-1968 Andrew Henry Wingert
1864-1940 Mary Paulus
1871-1956 Jane Mealman
1879- George Sweeney
1869- William Henry Thomas
1874-1946 Bessie Elizabeth Robinson
1880-1959 George H. Robinson
1856-1928 Mary Jane Rockwell
1850-1928 Eliza Jane Gearhart
1856-1931 Samuel E. Thomas
1851-1927 Margaret Eliza Forbes
1828-N/A Francis Gearhart
1828-N/A G. Magdaline Warner
1794-1878 Peter Thomas
1792-1874 Joseph Thomas
1822-1896 Elizabeth Carbaugh
1831-1851 William Hunter Snyder
1849-1915 Margarette E. Mendenhall
1851-1918 George Overcash
1818-1880 Mary Jane Prim
1833-1880 George Oberkirsh
1787-1871 Eva Hoffman
1792-1824 Balthazar Baltzer Oberkirsch
1761-1846 Margarette Fetterhoff
1756-1818 Michel Oberkirsch
1721-1782 Anna Barbara
1737-1782 Casper Oberkirsch
1690-n/a Susanna Andraein
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