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7 Wonders of the World

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Melissa Tran

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of 7 Wonders of the World

By Melissa Tran Wonders of the World The Great Wall of China Statue of Liberty Eiffel Tower Mt Everest The Statue of Zeus Victoria Falls Grand Canyon The Great Wall of China has amazing characteristics which makes it have a strong reason why it should stay on the list. According to my research, the height is 25ft ,length is 6700km (3948 miles), width is 13ft, and 4million visit yearly. There are a lot of materials used to build the wall making it outstanding. With its materials it should be place as a wonder. Stones, bricks, tamped earth, wood, and other materials are used somewhere to create The Great Wall. The main instrument for this wall are bricks using 3,873,000,000 bricks total. Last but not least why The Great Wall of China should stay on the list because of its historical history. Did you know The Great Wall of China could also be called "The Descendant Dragon" because of the posture of a sleeping dragon. As everybody knows, the wall purpose is to shield China from harm, but what people don't know is what super hero hero created it and it is Qin Shi Huangdi. Crash, Bang, Boom, goes the invaders trying to go in. I agree that the Great Wall of China should stay on the Seven Wonders. Other people think a long wall is not really a wonder now than in the past. On the other hand, it still protects China and the people from invaders. In a long period China never had an attack because of China shield they have. To be free or not to be free, I believe Statue of Liberty has the freedom to be one of the Seven Wonders. Some religion say that they don't care about Statue of Liberty that it doesn't matter to them. However, Statue of Liberty represent freedom and no war between other countries for the U.S.A. La tour Eiffel Doit etre sur la liste des merveillis. Oops sorry let me translate that, the Eiffel Tower has to be on the list of wonders. People might say the Eiffel Tower is not special to other countries but France. Well almost every country has its own famous tower or building. As for France and maybe all of Europe think the Eiffel Tower is special to them. Looking at the magical waves streaming off Victoria Falls as it sparkles when it lands. I couldn't disagree why Victoria Falls is part of the seven wonders. Materials are used to make statue of Liberty strong like the country. With its strength, Statue of Liberty should be put on the list. The statue is made out of 80 metric tons of copper shape as a lady. Why is Statue of liberty
green? The statue is green because it's made out of copper.
When the age is due to chemical reactions between metal
and water, the copper changes to blue-green. (Yes, the
creator did not purposely paint the statue green.) The Seven Wonders is suppose to have strong cultural which Statue of Liberty has. France and U.S are best friends, they show it by the statue. Even though the statue is standing on the U.S, a french man name Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi created the statue meaning freedom and democracy against their war. Final reason why Statue of Liberty should be on the list because of its characteristics. 30 ft is Statue of Liberty full height with a width of 13 ft 7". Its so great that more than 5 million people come yearly to see the statue! The Eiffel Tower is made with mostly one material, that's one reason why it should be on the list. The one main material that it is made out of is iron. To make the Eiffel Tower it takes 10,000 tons of iron. Last reason is the comical historical events. In the past the tower was suppose to be for a World Exhibition Fair. Alexandra Gustav Eiffel ( creator of the tower) didn't it would be a big deal but now its a symbol of Paris and France. Also of course, tourist site are always there every day and night to see the tower. The temperature alters the height of the Eiffel Tower up to 6 inches, if that keeps on happening the Eiffel Tower has to be on the list because of its characteristics. Base on my research, the height of the tower is 1,063' (324m), with a width of 124.9m (409ft). 7 million people visit the tower yearly, that's how much it cost to build the tower, but add an extra 4 million then it would be exact. Victoria Falls are approximately 1,700m wide and 108 meter in height making it the bigger curtain of water in the world. With its characteristics it just perfectly flows in the 7 Wonder list. The falls are also half times wider than Niagara Falls and twice the height. Another reason why Victoria Falls are so amazing is it wasn't man made. I think that naturally made art is more beautiful than any man made art because the earth develop Victoria Fall without money to create it. A final reason Victoria Falls should be on the list because of its cultural that stills goes on in the world . A lot of people who lives in Victoria Falls area collects free water. WOW THAT'S REALLY DEEP! I think that the Grand Canyon should stay on the Seven Wonders of the World The Grand Canyon is so deep that if you fell in you would not come back out alive. Grand Canyon is so special because of its cultural. The Grand Canyon is made out of rock and stone.Also in my research American Indians have been living in and around the canyon for thousands of years. Grand Canyon has characteristics that has a lot of rivers and miles and miles wide and long. The Grand Canyon has 277 rivers miles (446km) long. 18miles (29km) wide and 1 mile (1.6km) deep! That's crazy big! The Grand Canyon was made by a river constantly flowing over a long distance.The river continued to dig deeper and deeper into the ground creating the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon historical is so amazing it meant to be as a Seven Wonder. Keep on climbing, keep on climbing, un til you reach the top. Mt Everest is risky to climb but almost every climber goal is just to have one finger to touch that golden spot. I agree that Mt Everest should stay on the list of Wonders. Almost everybody knows Mt Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Mt everest should stay on the list because of its characteristics. Mt Everest hieght is 8,848 meters above sea level and 260 people visit Mt Everest yearly, that's alot for a 60 million years old mountain. Finally, Mt Everest has cultural that is not very surprising but it is still special. People like mountain climbers and geologist think My Everest is important to them and so does landlocked sovereign state located in South Asia, Nepal and plateau region in Asia, Tibet. Nepal and Tibet is connected to Mt Everest by their religion and belifs. As a statue you need materials to build it and so does a mountain. Mt Everest should stay on the Seven Wonders list because of its materials. Deep water marine shale created Mt Everest materials. Gness, slate, and two different shades of sand stone rocks are gather together to make Mt Everest. Gness Rock Slate Rock Shades of Sand Stone Rocks Mt Everest Nepal Tibet New York, US China, Asia Zimbabwe, Africa Arizona, US Between Tibet and Nepal in the Himalayan Mountains, Asia 75007 Paris, France, Europe Ancient town of Olympia, The first reason why Statue of Zeus should stay on the list is because of its historical events. In 391 C.E. Zeus's temple was orded closed. Olympia was farther struck by earthquakes, landslides and floods. Later in the 5th century the temple was damaged by fire( the statue was destroyed in 462 C.E. by a severe fire). Now nothing remains but debris and broken pillars. The Statue of Zeues was once one of the most famous statues in the ancient world. Was crafted in 435 B.C.E by Athenia sculptor Phidius. It was made to honor Zeus, the father of the olympic games. This is why the statue of Zeus should stay on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. The third reason why the Statue of Zeus should stay on the list because of the materials that it was made out of. Zeus's robe and all of the ornaments he had on were made out of gold. Its skin was made out of ivory GOLD IVORY 40 feet (12 meters), that's how high the Statue of Zeus is. A second reason why the statue should stay on the list because of its characteristics. In Zeus's right hand he held a figure of his famous messenger, Nike. In his left hand he held a rod with an eagle on the end. On his head was a wreath. RIGHT LEFT
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