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Inquiry Based Learning

Prezi on Inquiry Based Learning for a Primary School Staff Meeting

Brad Gaynor

on 6 September 2010

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Transcript of Inquiry Based Learning

Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand. Inquiry Based Learning is not a new phenomenon
and research has revealed that students learn best
when this approach is adopted Inquiry learning requires students to work as problem solvers and teachers as facilitators of learning, encouraging students
to question and research in order to develop a deeper understanding of the unit topic. Inquiry learning encourages students to extend their own thinking with open ended problems with students often engaging in the use of higher order thinking skills. Tuning In
Discovery Time
Pack Up
Reflection Framework Integrated Units SOLAR Tasks Tournament of Minds Quality Teaching Framework Focus on problem solving 4 Roles of the Reader Cooperative Readng How? 5 E's Kath Murdoch Questioning Approach Blooms Taxonomy Tournament Of Minds Blooms Taxonomy Multiple Intelligences Multiple
Intelligences Comprehension Traditional
Inquiry ????? Trial Stage 3 Which model? Staffing School Visits ICT Programs Australian Curriculum Meetings PD Why? Barriers Attitude School Design Time Giving up some control Myths Backward by Design Knowledge
Evaluate Tuning In
Sorting Out, etc Linguistic
Logical Mathematical
Bodly Kinesthetic
What do I want to know?
What resources will I use?
How will I share my studies? Questioning skills
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