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The Habits of Happiness - Oficial

Concurso do Prezi + TED e foi inspirado na excelente palestra de Matthieu Ricard, um monge tibetano que fala sobre os Hábitos da Felicidade. Ajudem na votação! http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/312640/voteable_entries/65209082

Marcio Okabe

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Habits of Happiness - Oficial

Past Future Destructive emotions Natural antidotes The habits of happiness From the birth
to the death... Why we move away from happiness? It is very common to confuse happiness with pleasure. HAPPINESS PLEASURE Don't forget! Conquering the pleasures of the life is what it defines We consume time to buy and to stay beautiful. Speaking about science... ...happiness is the reason that permeates and supports all the emotional states. Some people say that happiness is remembering the past Other people say that happiness is imagining the future we desire to be happy CONSCIENTIOUS
OR NOT. But, what is
happiness? Although the difficulty to define it. According to the Buddhism... Present The truth is that the exterior control is
temporary and illusory. happiness. The tendency is always to look out. The experience that translates everything is
in the mind. "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."
Dalai Lama Adapt the teachings of the monks in The goal is help to determine the quality of each instant of your life. We can start to train the
mind as a muscle to be
trained and disciplined
in the direction to the
well-being. How to conquer the Happiness? How is this possible? Don't worry, be happy! Matthieu Ricard Our inspiration Mind training is based on the idea that... If you look at the thought of anger... it will vanish like frost under the morning sun. créditos fotos Sites para ONGs http://www.pinterest.com/habitshappiness http://www.prezibrasil.com.br http://www.prezi.com.br / / / Some people say happiness is right now; it's the quality of the freshness of the present moment. and do not know what is impossible Children know how to forgive and forget the past Children dream of the future Reserve a time also to look at inside and to try the possibilities of the mind. + + = Dedication self observation compassion They know how to enjoy the present The children know the formula of happiness Why not try a formula with what we learned? Happiness your life Geraldo Lacerda two opposite mental factors cannot happen at the same time. http://www.sbap.com.br Vote! Gostou?
Did you like? http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/312640/voteable_entries/65209082 ted.com/talks/matthieu_ricard_on_the_habits_of_happiness.html
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